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All Work and No Play

Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely - 1986
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
2020/1/22 - 02:29
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In a Free Land

7" del 1982, agli esordi della band di Bob Mould, Greg Norton e Grant Hart (scomparso nel 2017)
Successivamente in una riedizione dell'album "Everything Falls Apart", 1983
Government authorize education
Contributed by Bernart Bartleby 2019/10/20 - 00:46
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Deadly Skies

EP "Metal Circus"
Deadly skies
Contributed by Alessandro 2009/8/31 - 08:03
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Divide And Conquer

Scritta da Bob Mould
Musica degli Hüsker Dü (Grant Hart, Bob Mould e Greg Norton)
Dal quarto album della band di Saint Paul, Minnesota, intitolato “Flip Your Wig”
Well they divided up all the land
Contributed by Alessandro 2007/5/11 - 11:25
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Push the Button

Da "Land Speed Record", primo lavoro degli Hüsker Dü risalente al 1982.
Hear the sirens in the afternoon
Contributed by Alessandro 2007/4/4 - 08:26
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Newest Industry

Dal doppio album "Zen Arcade" del 1984.
Been through mass destruction once, but once was not enough
Contributed by Alessandro 2007/4/4 - 08:22

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