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Our website is among the winners of the “2022 National Award for Musical Journalism on the web”!

See you in Faenza on October 1st.

More information on our blog.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2022/8/4 - 13:39

AWS # 35000: Hannah Arendt and the Banality of Evil
Lorenzo Masetti, 2022/7/17 - 17:15
Riccardo Venturi, 2022/3/10 - 11:05

Riccardo Venturi, 2022/2/26 - 08:40

Canzone di Adriana
Adriana's Song
Chanson d'Adriana
Adrianan Laulu
Riccardo Venturi, 2022/2/2 - 23:57

DERRY 30-1-1972
Riccardo Venturi, 2022/1/30 - 08:28


22 October 1921
22 October 2021

Riccardo Venturi, 2021/10/22 - 17:46



Riccardo Venturi, 2021/9/2 - 09:46

"I am no pacifist. I am against war".

Gino Strada

November 18, 2006
Riccardo Venturi, 2021/8/13 - 18:09
No remorses

Genoa 2001-2021
Lorenzo Masetti, 2021/7/20 - 13:42

Franco Battiato
Riposto, 23-3-1945
Milo, 18-5-2021

...though death is raging outside
the miracle of love does not die...
Riccardo Venturi, 2021/5/18 - 10:19
Llibertat Pablo Hasél

Freedom for Pablo Hasél !
Lorenzo Masetti, 2021/2/18 - 23:42
Enrico Greppi

"We should always dream great dreams
looking up to the sky
adventurous journeys
and think if people, instead of power
thought about friendship, as a way of enjoying"

Ciao Erriquez

Lorenzo Masetti, 2021/2/14 - 14:17
Properly, we should wish you all a happy new year, and surely we do it, and with all our heart. But we think our best wish for this year would be the following:


Riccardo Venturi, 2020/12/31 - 17:44

A new song itinerary is born: Nursery rhymes, Merry-go-rounds, Lullabies and other Anti-war Songs for Childhood. It is designed as a guide for the youngest, or a small "educational" collection for teachers. This itinerary won't automatically include all kinds of lullabies or nursery rhymes: only real anti-war songs find their place there, be they against “classic” war or the “100,000 years war”, war against the Earth or against animals etc. Likewise, the itinerary won't include all the lullabies or nursery rhymes labeled as such in the website, if they aren't directed to children.
DonQuijote82, 2020/10/29 - 12:11

The bridge takes us directly, with a logical step, to another protagonist: the train. From anarchists locomotives to the armored train of the Spanish war, from the trains blown up in the Italian state massacres to the trains to Auschwitz, from trains approaching to trains moving away, from trains that go and go back to no return trains, from death trains to life trains, from workers and immigrant trains to troops trains, from the “Leggera” little train to the trains to the sun, from trains full of hatred and racism to trains of freedom, from steam trains to HSTs: a train is always a story, and even more. Trains: a new song itinerary originating from a train: 583 Milan-Naples Intercity.

From the song itinerary:
Mikis Theodorakis:
Το τρένο φεύγει στις οχτώ
The Train Leaves at Eight
(sung by Maria Dimitriadi)
Riccardo Venturi, 2020/10/19 - 15:12

The bridge as a symbol, the bridge as union, the bridge as division, blown-up bridges, Remagen Bridge, Vrbanja bridge, the old bridge of Mostar, bridges and war, bridges and peace, Morandi Bridge, Devil's bridge, magic bridges, throwing oneself from a bridge, sleeping under a bridge, bridges between cultures...bridges have always played a leading role, so we have decided to create a special Song Itinerary on Bridges. The itinerary logo is an image of Ponte Gobbo of Bobbio, Piacenza, Italy.
Riccardo Venturi, 2020/8/27 - 11:03
Make Love Not War

Make Love, Not War! (I know you've heard it before)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2020/7/9 - 00:03
5 June 2020: The Coronavirus Songbook symbolically terminates with a renowned old song on Asia (read introduction).

Riccardo Venturi, 2020/6/5 - 10:26


Songs to the End of the Night

Riccardo Venturi, 2020/3/19 - 13:26


Songs of Resistance, to be sung out of the windows instead of "national anthems"

Riccardo Venturi, 2020/3/7 - 21:54

Alla (ri)scoperta de
À la (re)découverte de

Riccardo Venturi, 2020/1/4 - 09:34

12 December 1969, Milan

...from that fourth floor window
at Milan police headquarters
a train has blown up.

4 August 1974

Riccardo Venturi, 2019/12/12 - 09:58

100 יידישע לידער
100 canzoni in Yiddish
100 Yiddish songs
100 chansons en Yiddish

(Nel video / In the video / Dans le vidéo):

Mayn rue plats
Riccardo Venturi, 2019/11/29 - 17:10

Keçê Kurdan
Raise your head up, kurdish girl
Lorenzo Masetti, 2019/10/11 - 10:56

Santiago de Chile
Radio Magallanes, 11.00h

E / and / et Alturas

Riccardo Venturi, 2019/9/11 - 10:03

Woodstock, August 18 1969: Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner
Lorenzo Masetti, 2019/8/18 - 11:41
Riccardo Venturi, 2019/6/29 - 10:30

Riccardo Venturi, 2019/5/16 - 22:20

It was the seventh of May,
on the election day...
Riccardo Venturi, 2019/5/7 - 07:46

Riccardo Venturi, 2019/4/5 - 16:50

"Leave us do our job, kids!"
Riccardo Venturi, 2019/3/16 - 11:06

Violeta Parra
Santiago, 5-2-1967
Forever 17 years old

Here performed by Joan Manuel Serrat, 18 years old.
Riccardo Venturi, 2019/2/5 - 11:19

Riccardo Venturi, 2019/1/11 - 00:14

Riccardo Venturi, 2018/12/23 - 17:05
In 2016 the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan. He was the first folk singer to to win the award. Mr. Dylan did not bother to travel to Stockholm at the Nobel ceremony, however he recorded his Nobel Prize Lecture in 2017.

In his lecture Dylan discusses (his way) Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front and quotes some verses from a song, You Ain't Talkin' to Me, attributed to Charlie Poole.

However there is a problem. The quote was not by Charlie Poole: the verses were actually written many years later by Jim Krause and recorded The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band in 1985.

Our website was one of the two (together with Mudcat) having the lyrics of the song. Today, thanks to The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band and to Jim Krause we can publish the complete lyrics of the song and a link for listening.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2018/10/16 - 22:06

August 21, 1968
Prague Spring
Pražské jaro
Pražská jar

August 21, 2018
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/8/21 - 22:12

Riccardo Venturi, 2018/8/17 - 21:22

May 9, 1978 - May 9, 2018
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/5/9 - 11:25

The website “Antiwar Songs” has celebrated on March 20 its 15th ANNIVERSARY.
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/3/20 - 09:40

40 years? These days, the 40th anniversaries are only for “statesmen”, it seems. On March 18, 1978, forty years ago, Fausto and Iaio were killed “by unknown hands”. Nothing has been known ever since. Forty years, and forever among and with us, forever 18. Forty years among the drums of power and of its slaves.
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/3/18 - 09:19

He's gone in the Pi-day, Stephen. Searching for infinite. A song for him, and a glass of Anything!
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/3/14 - 10:04

Here's finally the NATURAL HYMN of AWS Extras! The page includes a Special Appendix.
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/2/9 - 02:43

The story of Árpád Weisz, a Hungarian Jew, a successful football player and trainer in Italy in the '30s, then a refugee in the Netherlands after Mussolini's racial laws (the one who “did so many good things” according to a number of political intriguers in today's Italy) and finally deported to Auschwitz, where he died on January 31, 1944. In this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Árpád Weisz's story is told by a 18 yo rapper from Novara, Andrea Licata ”Red Riot”, a boy having so a strong desire to remember what too many people have forgotten. His rap song is called L'allenatore in campo (“The midfield trainer”).
Riccardo Venturi, 2018/1/27 - 11:04
He used to say he had always lived, and he would die, in balance. Only once did he loose his balance with a song, and said it was “the most beautiful of all”: his 'Αρνηση. Then silence came, the silence of a Μπαλάντα της σιωπής in the same language, and once again there was a refusal, an άρνηση inside. Thus we have decided to dedicate him both songs in this day, εἰς μνήμην, and both by the same voice of Maria Farandouri. Some years ago, on 28 November, Gian Piero Testa took his flight to αθανασία.

Gian Piero Testa.
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/11/27 - 13:49

Cornelis Vreeswijk died exactly 30 years ago, on 12 November 1987. This website includes since years about ten of this songs, maybe just a little neglected: so let's start knowing them a little better, on the 30th anniversary of his death and beginning from his Blues för Victor Jara.
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/11/11 - 10:01
La cattiva erba

Today, after a two-months work, we completed the insertion of the songs included in a very beautiful and very rare LP by Beppe Chierici and Daisy Lumini "La cattiva erba" (The Weed) published in 1970.

The LP contains 15 songs, translated into Italian from poems and antiwar songs ranging from Archilochus and Laozi to Antoine over more than 2500 years.
Some tracks were already present in the original version. The Italian lyrics were transcribed thanks to Flavio Poltronieri who provided us with a copy of the record, that is now completely available on youtube. We found some of the missing tracks on the web, with the help of B.B. and of Renè Zosso, a Swiss hurdy-gurdy player.

Perchè quei cannoni? (Antoine) - Nenia (dalla guerra dei trent'anni) - Eravamo tre compagni - Compianto popolare - Il soldato morto in terra straniera - Alla guerra chi ci va - Il soldato dormiente (Rimbaud) - La guerra è truccata (Boris Vian) - Contro la guerra e le armi (Lao Tsu) - Lo scudo perduto (Archiloco) - Non avremo mai la pace, fratello? (Oliver De Magny) - Il condannato a morte - Testamento (Lermontov) - Il malcontento del soldato - Torna da in guerra un soldato
DonQuijote82, 2017/9/8 - 19:44


Riccardo Venturi, 2017/8/23 - 04:46

Should you go to Scarborough Fair together with Simon & Garfunkel, you should be accompanied by Elfin Knight, an antiwar Canticle, a coalminer, Martin Carthy, Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger, Bob Dylan, the great American scholar Francis James Child, Oedipus and the Sphynx, Samson, the Veronese Riddle, a Graduate, the Muppets and even the Devil in person... This really millenary song deserves a totally new, composite page, with a totally new historical introduction (only in Italian for the moment): A very, very long story...
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/7/2 - 00:55

Ἀποφασίζομεν καὶ διατάζομεν, “We decide and order”: At 2:30 am on April 21, 1967, 50 years ago, a fascist military coup was launched in Greece with the establishment of the so-called “Regime of the Colonels” which would last until July 1974. For seven long years Greece is turned into a lager and, also, into the training camp of European neo-fascism. This is an important topic in our site, including a special Song Itinerary we suggest you to look back to.
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/4/21 - 19:31

11 MARCH 1977

Francesco Lorusso is killed

12 MARCH 1977

Radio Alice is closed
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/3/12 - 22:18

Abd el-Salam el-Danaf
A murdered worker
Piacenza, Italy, September 14, 2016

A song by Alessio Lega
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/3/6 - 11:39

We already told you he’d give us a lot of work; so, we didn’t delay in creating his nice, special song itinerary, sure as we are he’ll get us to regret even George W. Bush. Better not wasting time: Make America Shit!
Riccardo Venturi, 2017/1/29 - 20:10

One of Us
Merry 25 December
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/12/24 - 23:01

Leonard Cohen

September 21, 1934
November 7, 2016
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/11/11 - 08:57

We have a feeling this rich gentleman, who's just been elected as President of the Key States of America, will crowd this site with lots of songs. God bless America (should He?...)
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/11/9 - 08:48
Dario Fo

Dario Fo (1926-2016)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2016/10/13 - 09:33
The timeline is a new tool to keep an eye on the new songs, translation and commentaries and to search the database. It is accessible directly from "Latest Contributions"
Lorenzo Masetti, 2016/7/26 - 16:50

Muhammad Ali
Cassius Marcellus Clay, jr.

January 17, 1942
June 3, 2016
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/6/4 - 12:53

The “GPT-style big pages” are back with the Workers' Symphony (Εργατική συμφωνία) by Dimos Moutsis and Yorgos Skourtis. The story of a strike organized by workers and immigrants in Belgium, written 1976 shortly after the end of the Greek dictatorship. The “Symphony” has been wholly translated from Greek into Italian: though written “just yesterday”, it is a precise memo for today.
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/5/3 - 21:49

Lysistrata by Aristophanes is the AWS N. 25000.

The story of the best known “sex strike” in History against the terrible Peloponnesian War, that marked in practice the end of the best period of the Hellenic civilization.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2016/3/4 - 12:36
Francesco Di Giacomo

If you assert by the force of reason that a bomb may be so smart as to have feelings, you could ask her, short before she explodes, to describe a sunset or if she's ever made love or not.

A tribute to the great prog-rock singer Francesco Di Giacomo played by Elio e le Storie Tese
Lorenzo Masetti, 2016/3/1 - 23:14
Paul Kantner

In memory of Paul Kantner: We Can Be Together, a powerful generational anthem against the warmonger powers in charge.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2016/1/30 - 00:20

Old AWS site memories
Un souvenir des vieilles CCG
Riccardo Venturi, 2016/1/8 - 02:09

For twelve Young People without even one Song

Istituto Salvemini
Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna, Italy)
6-12-1990 / 6-12-2015
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/12/6 - 02:29
Gian Piero Testa.


28-11-2014 / 28-11-2015

We won't forget you
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/11/28 - 02:05

Scrivo il tuo nome, Sicurezza
I write your Name, Safety

Riccardo Venturi, 2015/11/22 - 22:42
 Se verrà la guerra, Marcondiro'ndera
Lorenzo Masetti, 2015/11/14 - 10:14

Today in Ankara, a pacifist and syndicalist demonstration organized by the Kurdish party Hdp, with participation of other parties of the Left, has been swept away probably by two “kamikazes” who have blown up with their bombs. A “kamikaze” is always ready to use, you know. The (still incomplete) count of victims is 97 dead and 186 wounded people. Responsibility will certainly be attributed to “ISIS”, the puppet organization financed, supported and subsidized also by the Turkish fascist regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; so today in Ankara, as it has already happened in Diyarbakir and Suruç. The Turkish police has in practice hindered rescue operations and attacked the survivors. We give and express all our solidarity to all those fighting, in Turkey as well as in Kobanê and everywhere, to destroy the falsely “religious” fascism of Erdoğan and his bootlickers, including the ISIS Nazi puppets; no bomb will stop the wind of freedom against death and obscurantism.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/10/10 - 20:59

It was my intention to begin this piece of news with “Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum”; it came then to my mind that this solemn Latin sentence is normally used for a slightly different occasion that does not belong too much to our sphere. But “gaudium magnum” means “great joy”, and so it is really with great joy that I announce you the wedding of our webmaster, Lorenzo, with Monia (or Monija), celebrated on September 26 in Florence after about 78 years of life in common. The ring giving has been solemnly officiated by their daughter, Valentina. What should I say further? Though with affected slowness, for I am sure I will release after a couple of weeks even the news of my burial (and I will obviously be late, as Liz Taylor used to say), we wish all our best to the newly married couple. Now it's enough, otherwise I get too touched; but you'd better get touched too, my god. Let's go with crying and tears, sursum corda and a big HURRA to the newly married couple with a beautiful song specially fit for the occasion!
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/10/5 - 19:42
AWS/CCG present "Chansons contre la Guerre"

Anti-War Songs (in Italian often abbreviated as CCG) were born in Italian on the night of March 20th, 2003, while the US launched their attack on Irak.

Since a long time we had planned to translate the portal into French.

Finally here is the new French Portal, a real gateway to the largest song labyrinth in the world.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2015/7/21 - 23:26

Dominique Grange's album Des lendemains qui saignent, issued 2009 and illustrated by her husband, Jacques Tardi, is a collection of 10 antimilitarist songs inspired by the "Great War", three of which have been directly written by Dominique Grange herself, while the remaining 7 (all already included in our site) trace back to wartime (there's also Gorizia). Including this album with culpable delay, we vaguely suspect that this site may have something to do with it, also considering the album's reissue with a rather familiar title.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/7/8 - 12:40
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/7/6 - 13:01

A young man, a square, a demonstration, the police and a day, July 20. No doubt you are thinking of Carlo Giuliani, but we're talking here about a story of fifty years ago. A Greek young man called Sotiris Petroulas, killed by policemen in an Athenian square named after something quite similar to "Giuliani", Πλατεία Ιουλιανών, exactly on July 20, 1965. Fifty years after his death, Sotiris and Carlo will meet in Genoa next July 20. Forever young and alive; the others are dead.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/7/3 - 00:16

What the heck is an Ambaradan? A nice colloquial Italian with the meaning of “confusion, mess”, but its origin isn't so nice. Its real origin is explained by Alessio Lega in a newly written song linking our old and new stories of “kind-hearted Italians” (here translated into English with a brief introduction).
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/5/21 - 18:43

The traditional Cretan Ριζίτικα [Rizitika] proposed 1971 in a historic album by Yannis Markopoulos and Nikos Xylouris have been fully included in the site. The oldest and deepest Greek tradition as a resistance metaphor against oppression in any time. Xylouris sung them with his lyra also to the Athenian Polytechneion students who insurged against the Greek dictatorship in november 1973; but some of these songs had been also used during the anti-Nazist resistance.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/4/19 - 00:55

The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man? Its universality has beaten the air. For this reason, the AWS website promotes, through Marco Valdo M.I. and Lucien Lane the Déclaration universelle des droits de l'âne (here in Italian and here in English). True universality in the name of the Donkey begins today.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/4/9 - 15:55

From the struggle of PKK and Kobanê, here's to us the wonderful Egît, also known as Dûr neçe heval. “Don't go so far away, comrade”; this song, written by Nuray Şen, Nail Yurtsever and Nuro Aksoy in the Kurdish language for Îbrahim Rojhilat, is a struggle militant song that doesn't renounce, yet it strongly claims, its nature of freedom and peace song. Heval is a Kurdish word where the meanings of “friend”, “comrade” and “brother” strongly coincide.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/3/30 - 18:45

Huge plastic bags, the everyday invisibleness of those who crossed through the deserts of the world and are crossing now through the bloodchilling desert of our hostility.
All that is Deserto by Luca Rapisarda and Davide Giromini (here in English), from the new album Rivoluzioni sequestrate currently being included in the site.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/3/23 - 16:39

Riccardo Venturi, 2015/3/18 - 21:20
sangue e cenere
We started to follow last Gang's production last summer, when they began a crowdfunding and Marino started writing about the stories of the songs and published some verses. Finally the CD is ready and is also available online. We completed the lyrics, all really beautiful: Sangue e cenere - Non finisce qui - Alle barricate - Ottavo chilometro - Marenostro - Perché Fausto e Iaio - Nino - Gli angeli di Novi Sad - Più forte della Morte è l’Amore - Nel mio giardino - Mia figlia ha le ali leggere. Now and forever GANG
DonQuijote82, 2015/2/25 - 10:21

Maremma amara is no doubt the best known Tuscan folksong in the world; so well known, that it was not included in our website. One of the most typical AWS shortcomings, although it was mentioned here and there and, above all, despite of the beautiful “remake” by Del Sangre, Maremma, including the (short) full lyrics of the folksong as a refrain. Time has come to dedicate a full page to this song of hard work, sorrow and death, tracing back its origins to the early 19th century and rediscovered in the 60's by the great Caterina Bueno
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/2/9 - 23:49

It is generally believed that the distortion of the national anthem for anti-militarist purposes originated with Jimi Hendrix and his Woodstock Star Spangled Banner. That's wrong. This was born 1914, short before the beginning of WWI, when Alberto Savinio, painter, writer and composer as well as the brother of the great Giorgio De Chirico, composed L'exécution du général for piano solo by distorting and splintering “Brothers of Italy”, the Italian national anthem. And, perhaps, Jimi Hendrix, who was a first rank musician, may have known this thing our website is pleased to repropose among various anniversaries of “great wars”.
Riccardo Venturi, 2015/1/31 - 23:24
It has taken almost 6 months to upgrade and enlarge the huge page dedicated to Lili Marleen, but the task is finally fulfilled. As these are the last days of this (difficult) 2014, this is also a way to wish you all a happy new year.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/12/29 - 23:02

This is the saddest news we possibly can give, but we have to do it anyway.
Gian Piero Testa, an historical collaborator of our website and the “soul” of the Greek Section with dozens of masterly translations, has passed away last night for a serious and sudden illness.
All those who have known him will keep thousands of memories; those who have not known him will keep his work, to which this website will give on its right importance, merit and value.
For Gian Piero, so deeply fond of Greece, its culture and its language, let the cry resound: ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ !

Αυτά είναι τα θλιβερότατα νέα που μπορούμε να δώσουμε, αλλά, δυστυχώς, πρέπει να το κάνουμε.
Ο Τζαν Πιέρο Τέστα, ιστορικός συνεργάτης αυτής της ιστοσελίδας και ψυχή του “Ελληνικού Τμήματος” με δεκάδες εξαιρετικών μεταφράσεων, μας άφησε χρόνους απόψε λόγω μιας βαριάς και ξαφνικής ασθένειας.
Γι' όλους αυτούς που τον έχουν γνωρίσει μένουν μυριάδες θυμήσεων. Γι' αυτούς που δεν τον έχουν γνωρίσει, μένει το έργο του, που η ιστοσελίδα αυτή θα μελετάει να του δίνει την αξία και την προβολή που αξίζει.
Για τον Τζαν Πιέρο, ερωτευμένο με την Ελλάδα, την κουλτούρα και τη γλώσσα της, ας ηχήσει η φωνή· ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ !
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/11/28 - 15:35
Sesto San Giovanni, its factories, its struggles: not only the famous song by The Gang, but also two struggling songs written and sung, in 1979 on hard strike, by an industrial worker, Franco Rusnati, and performed together with other workers and Ezio Cuppone. They are Gli sfruttati (“The Exploited”) and Padroni ci volete spaventare (“Masters, you Want to Frighten us”). There's no struggle without songs, and yesterday's struggles turn into today's struggles.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/11/12 - 16:43
The textile woman workers of 800 years ago had: starvation wages, physical threatening, poverty, whole nights and whole days at work, exploiting masters. This tells us a document of that time, Toz jorz dras de soie tristrons, possibly a folksong appearing in a chivalry poem by Chrétien de Troyes. The question is: what has really changed today?
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/10/16 - 01:03
Today, October 3, 2014, is the 1st anniversary of the Lampedusa massacre. And we call it here by its name, a massacre, not a “tragedy”. Andrea Buffa tells us this story in Dormi (“Sleep” - English translation available), a song in form of a lullaby but including a long recitative that doesn't make us sleep at all: it is today's Italy, with its inhumanity, its racism and its stupidity committed to the “social networks”.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/10/3 - 15:54
”Every tongue this world around”: The reshaping and complete translation into Italian of the Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti by Woody Guthrie comes today to completion. A reshaping and translation mainly due to ”The March of Sorrow”, the clandestine film on the burial of the two Italian anarchists discovered and shown in world preview at De Martino Institute of Sesto Fiorentino (Florence, Italy) on August 21, 2014 (the film has never been publicly shown in the US). This website, concerned every day with “every tongue this world around”, gives this way its constant “Here's to You” to Nick and Bart.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/9/12 - 12:56
August 22, 1927 - August 22, 2014: my special "Here's to you" to Sacco e Vanzetti on the anniversary of their slaughering by the US capitalist power, with my Italian translation of the Swedish song De dödsdömda by Jan Hammarlund (a poem by Karin Boye), dedicated to the two Italian anarchists and performed (and recorded) by Jan Hammarlund himself.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/8/23 - 02:26
Requiem per un nemico ignoto (“Requiem for an Unknown Enemy”), a wonderful poem by Gesualdo Bufalino written for a German enemy during a flight, a stay in hospital, or both, has been included in the “Extras” until today, when it has been removed and given its own page. The poem has found its music just thanks to this website. The music was composed, and the song performed, by Marco Rovelli, and we present it here for the first time with a video turned few days ago in Fosdinovo by two admins of this website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/8/13 - 15:42
A hundred years ago, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war to Serbia starting the Great War that would cause over 16 million deaths in four years.

A new song itinerary, still far from being complete, collects the songs about those terrible years.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/7/28 - 22:22
This 22 July of death in Gaza, due to Zionist nazism, is also the anniversary of two massacres apparently distant in time: that by the “Christian” xenophobe Anders Breivik in Oslo and Utøya on July 22, 2011, and that of the Béziers Cathars on July 22, 1209. Both are products of the same culture, of the same intolerance, of the same religious fanatism, of the same history. Nothing comes from the moon. We want to remember them together in this black day.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/7/22 - 21:55
After so many years of true chaos, the pages of an historical album have finally been given their definitive form: The Ballad of Mauthausen / Six Songs (Farandouri Cycle) by Mikis Theodorakis. Not only does this album include some among the most celebrated and beautiful songs in the Greek language (with lyrics by Kambanellis, Gatsos and other poets), well known also in their translations in various languages, but also some among the oldest pages of this website with contributions by the whole “Greek Team” starting from the “pioneer” Giuseppina Dilillo up to the very first intervention of Gian Piero Testa. But we cannot forget the great Maria Farandouri's voice.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/7/19 - 20:43
Creuza de mä was released just 30 years ago (1984), so we thought an album like this deserved a special page including a very special song: Jamin-a. Fabrizio De André used to say this is “The only erotic song in his repertory”.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/7/11 - 20:44
"Dry Land in Italy is a land locked down
We let them drown to drown them out"

Solo andata, a song by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino with lyrics by Erri De Luca.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/6/14 - 23:10
Two tracks take us back to the dark ages of Inquisition. The first tells the history of Menocchio, an Italian miller burned at the stake for his philosophical teachings. The second is a remarkable song by chilean group Quilapayún about the trial of Galileo Galilei.

Many thanks to Flavio Poltronieri for his precious contributions.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/5/24 - 00:58
Few days ago, it was one of the distant anniversaries of Bobby Sands' death (May 5, 1981). Many may have forgotten who Bobby Sands was, and as many may even ignore his name, with the exception of a bunch of fascists (like the Italian “Casapound”). So, we directly gave him the word, 33 years later, with one of his poems (later set to music and sung) The Rhythm of Time, written in the Long Kesh jail on toilet paper with a pen refill. Possibly, this page also includes its Italian translation. Direct words are always better. Words that never die, like the ”Undauntable thought”.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/5/16 - 20:12
"Oggi a Torino da una parte il salone del libro che celebra il suo rito al chiuso, dall'altra una piazza che manifesta per la libertà di quattro giovani incriminati di terrorismo per danneggiamento di macchinario. Io vado in quella piazza da cittadino e da scrittore." (Erri De Luca)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/5/10 - 21:20
Today is the 25th of April. We don't like the institutional days where memory is relegated and hidden. And since we try with our website to care memory every day of the year, we wish you a good 25th of April with Con la guerriglia in the rock version by A.F.A.

With the guerrilla/you see how many things must still change/with the guerrilla/you see how many things are to be saved/with the guerrilla/the cultural guerrilla.

That's what we do with AWS: cultural guerrilla.
DonQuijote82, 2014/4/25 - 13:07
At times wind from the burning / /ould drift dark kites along/ and riders on the carousel /caught petals in midair./ That same hot wind /blew open the skirts of the girls /and the crowds were laughing /on that beautiful Warsaw Sunday.

Someone will read as moral/that the people of Rome or Warsaw /haggle, laugh, make love /as they pass by the martyrs' pyres. /Someone else will read
of the passing of things human, /of the oblivion /born before the flames have died.

Czesław Miłosz, Easter 1943
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/4/20 - 10:34
The website code has been upgraded to a new version. We published on the blog (in Italian, sorry...) a detailed list of changes and improvements.

Please report any problems to
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/4/3 - 12:12
The page of L'estaca has been thoroughfully reshaped and upgraded. A great number of versions and translations into various languages accumulated in this most important page, and many others probably exist; so, it was decided to reshape it conveniently, also by including all the videos available of the various versions. Starting from today, the song is included in the Basic songs of this website: a song that is still now one of the world's main songs of freedom: composed in the Spain oppressed by Franco, it has gone through regimes and dictatorships of any (false) “colour”, from Poland up to the Tunisian revolution and “tsar” Putin's Russia. Just from Russia can we listen to what is, in our opinion, the most impressive document and the most precise witness of the libertarian nature of this song: the Russian version, by the Gruppa Arkadiy Kots, being sung by people arrested by the Police, inside a prison van. A video that is also a symbol.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/3/11 - 20:30
February 24, 1974: Forty jails ago. During a revolt in the old Murate prison, in Florence, the cops shoot at the prisoners standing on the roof and kill a young man aged 20, imprisoned for car stealth: Giancarlo Del Padrone. Few hours later, Collettivo Víctor Jara writes Le Murate. Forty years later, we still look back in anger.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/2/25 - 00:22
The Capital likes shirts, be they black or brown when it needs police and fascism, or so nice when it needs slavery in fashion workshops. That's just what Morris Rosenfeld tells us from his short and dreary life: a Jew who immigrated to the US to work as a slave in a NY Sweatshop, 1893. Just written.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/2/17 - 22:47
One of the administradores de este sitio was lying in his small white bed, when he got a phone call from a much distinguished who, also seizing the occasion to brush up the true story of the Creation!
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/2/13 - 13:39
Fabrizio De André's Canzone del padre (“Father's Song”; an English translation will be ready soon) has been removed from “Extras” and is now available as a song page on its own. At the same time, the page has been rebuilt and provided with an Short essay (in Italian) trying to explain its nature in view of radical criticism of Family as an institution and as an instrument of oppression, repression and war. These are no simple concepts, of course, and controversy is bound to occur. You may leave your commentary on the relevant page.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/2/3 - 14:44
At some point, Pete Seeger decided he’d be a walking, singing reminder of all of America’s history. He’d be living archive of America’s music and conscience, a testament of the power of song and culture to nudge history along, to push American events towards more humane and justified ends.

He would have the audacity and the courage to sing in the voice of the people.

And he did, until the very end. He has left us yesterday after 94 long years. Thanks, Pete.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2014/1/28 - 10:16
This site cares memory every day of the year, and has no need of “institutional days”. We do not like “one way memory”, like those (i.e. the Italian newspaper “Repubblica”) turning January 27 into the “Day of pro-Israeli propaganda”. We are and want to remain far from all this. If January 27 must be a “special day”, it must be so not only for Jews, but also for the Rom people, the Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals and all those who did not believe in any god, and for mere anti-Nazis (anarchists, communists, democrats) who died by thousands not only in concentration camps. Memory should not be “deified” too much; “God was with” murderers, too.

In this day of January 27 we want to point out people like Rocco Rosignoli (the author of Oesterheld), who is going to release a whole web-album, “La bella che guarda il mare” (“The beauty glancing the sea”), live recorded for ANPI (the Society of Italian Partisans). Today, Rocco is proposing a pre-release of his version of Zog nit keynmol (the lyrics are here), that is a partisan hymn of Resistance, and not a piece of Zionist propaganda. We also invite to read and listen to Tsigaynerlid, the “Gypsies' Song” written in Yiddish by Dovid Beyglman: a very poorly known token of solidarity between the victims of Nazism, that is not only “madness”, but also something politically definite, and still acting.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/1/27 - 07:44
The Italian fascist attack on Ethiopia (1935/36) in a Calypso song from Trinidad and Tobago: The Gold in Africa by Neville Marcano, aka “The Tiger” (1936). This song is introduced in Italy for the first time: almost 80 years have passed in vain, for monuments to the fascist butcher Graziani are still being built.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/1/24 - 21:13
We are specially pleased to welcome into AWS an old friend present in (and protagonist of) dozens of songs: the Devil. Yes, him, Satan in person, to whom we have dedicated a special song itinerary.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/1/14 - 18:00
15 years ago, a memory.
Riccardo Venturi, 2014/1/11 - 12:56
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/12/6 - 02:27
Controversial. Hard. Difficult. Contradictory. Here are some adjectives fitting well the new song itinerary Corsica: Colonialism, Repression and Struggle. The new SI starts with a song on Yvan Colonna and on the gloomy story of prefect Érignac's murder, but the SI goes up to the remotes and closest episodes of Corsica's complicated history, that have been narrated and sung by bands like L'Arcusgi, I Chjami Aghjalesi or Canta u Populu Corsu. No simple songs, often hard and sorrowful; equally often, (also musically) wonderful songs.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/11/16 - 00:42
With Dos geto fun Oze / The Gaza Ghetto, that we do not know whether to call a song, an oration or something beyond all that, “Canzoni Contro la Guerra / Antiwar Songs” reaches the number of 20,000 songs. This is reached with something totally new, that never occurred before: an original text specially written for this occurrence. We received it from someone who requested us not to disclose his/her name, and who wrote it in the Yiddish language also providing us with a transcription and an Italian translation (the English translation has been made by the site staff).
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/10/18 - 12:52
It was rather obvious that a page devoted to Katyusha would become immediately a “monster” page; it is one of the most celebrated and famous songs in history. So famous, that it is considered by most people to be a folksong; but it was written in 1938 by Michail Vasiľevič Isakovskij and set to music by Matvei Blanter. It is about a young woman lamenting for her husband who has been sent to the front, but, in its long and incredible history, it gave its name to a type of rocket-launchers, was turned into a partisan song in Italy and Greece, was used as a base for pop songs and even turned into parody by students. A page starting with translations and versions in 35 languages is not everyday's matter; and this is only the beginning...
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/10/7 - 02:35
For Pavlos Fyssas, known as Killah P, the Greek rapper and antifascist militant killed by an armed band of Golden Dawn fascists. We started publishing and translating his songs, starting from Να με θυμάσαι (“Remember me”) and Σιγά μην κλάψω, σιγά μη φοβηθώ (“I won't cry, I won't fear”); others will be included soon. It's also for these songs, that Pavlos was killed.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/9/20 - 23:21
We opened a blog linked to our website where we will publish the most interesting articles and some news. We hope that the blog will help navigating through this large archive and will improve the usability of our website.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2013/9/3 - 17:35
Libertà mi fa schifo se alleva miseria (Freedom is disgusting when it raises misery) by Cesare Basile, a beautiful and essential song to reaffirm once again our opposition to M.U.O.S. (Mobile User Objective System), the ultra-high-frequency satellite network designed to serve the U.S. Navy, and to all military bases.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2013/8/24 - 22:40
On August 13, 1961, 52 years ago, the Berlin Wall was built up. So, we thought it well to make a little tour just around it together with the old Communist Grandma Meume, and passing through 1968 East Berlin, by the Chausseestraße where, at number 131, was confined her "most beloved grandchild", that is Wolf Biermann. A basic and historical album which has been fully translated (into Italian for the moment).
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/8/24 - 13:09
Now that a motion picture has been made on the life of Violeta Parra, and that attention has been brought again on this extraordinary woman, we, being already aware of all this since plenty of time, are trying now to rebuild and improve the website section dedicated to her songs. The movie, too, could help know them better, not only the “eternal” Gracias a la vida, a song -by the way- most people ignore who is its real author. Be careful, anyway: the feliz Violeta was other things, too. A ferocious anticlericalist, for instance, or someone who went back to seventeen. So, long live the movie; but here you have Violeta's songs. By them do we speak.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/7/7 - 23:56
After about 4 months, the total rebuilding of the Yiddish Section of this site is finally achieved. Like a trip, or an adventure, in the tragedies of mankind. The song (זינג מײַן פֿידעלע (בערלין 1990 includes some marginal observations fixing a number of guidelines and telling shortly what it was really about.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/6/6 - 12:19
Franca Rame has died.

We want to remember her by including in this site Lo stupro (The Rape), a monologue she wrote in 1973 after she was raped by some fascists.

Not only in memory of a courageous, intelligent and combative woman. Not only this.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/5/29 - 12:28
I suggest you a visit to Yitsik Manger's Ballad of War page, a ballad he wrote in Yiddish the very day Hitler took the power. I think you won't forget it easily.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/5/27 - 20:43
Carlo Monni, Ray Manzarek, Andrea Gallo and Georges Moustaki. And we feel more lonely down here...
Lorenzo Masetti, 2013/5/23 - 22:28
Another one!!...
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/5/17 - 18:48
Gliè stiantàho!!!!!
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/5/6 - 14:17
The entire Canto para una semilla (Song for a Seed) based upon poems by Violeta Parra with music by Luis Advis. Published at last!
DonQuijote82, 2013/4/23 - 15:02
Is this a song or a graphic novel? Both, because the graphic novel is by Gianfranco Manfredi and the song by Davide “Redelnoir” Giromini. The title is the same: Volto Nascosto (”Hidden Face” in English). Plunging in the morbid atmosphere of the Italian colonial wars, the story and the song cast an unusual glance on Italian history. Davide's authentic masterwork opens his new album Rivoluzioni Sequestrate.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/4/8 - 11:57
Soledad, Hermana....

A song by Alessio Lega about María Soledad Rosas.

About Sole and Baleno.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/4/2 - 23:46
The night I go away / they say I have to go / they say I don't go and don't feel bad / but I already know you don't feel this way up there.

Farewell Enzo.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/30 - 12:56
March 20, 2003 - March 20, 2013: "AntiWar Songs" celebrates its 10th anniversary. We have chosen the simplest way to celebrate it, as simple and sober as the way we are running it every day. Anyway, we are pleased to seize this occasion for thanking everybody who helped, and still helps us, without any distinction. We rather choose, in our peculiar "style", to keep on asking ourselves a number of questions, like: Where the heck are the "mass destruction weapons" that gave rise, just ten years ago, to the invasion of Iraq? Or, ten years after Davide "Dax" Cesare's murder by fascists, who killed, 35 years ago (March 18, 1978). Fausto and Iaio. Two among the thousands of questions we have asked ourselves in this website, and that we'll keep on doing through songs, as it appears. Through songs? Or, maybe, through Thapsos?
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/19 - 19:01
On April 11, 1975, the "Flobert" plant of Sant'Anastasia (province of Naples), where ammunitions for toy guns were produced, exploded causing the death of twelve young workers, with disregard of any elementary safety norm. An unforgettable song, 'A Flobert o Sant'Anastasia by Gruppo Operaio E Zézi, was composed about these facts. The relevant page has been rebuilt and duly improved (also with an English translation.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/12 - 17:22
Its name is L' dierin-ne bataye, and it is the version of the Internationale in the Walloon language; better to say, in the 100th language included in what is probably the best known webpage in the world on the international Workers' anthem. All our warmest thanks shall go to Marco Valdo M.I., who has looked for, and found, it.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/5 - 23:53
A page dedicated to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: There was none, and there is now. And there must be.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/3 - 22:56
Lucio Dalla died just one year ago. We are remembering him in these days with a series of old songs; we suggest you to listen to them, if you like.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/3/1 - 15:38
That's incredible.
That's unbelievable.
Nobody knew.
That's what ended that flight.
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/1/29 - 00:01
The story of Ciccio Busacca, the Sicilian folksinger who went to the Moon with a Fiat 600 Multipla. Because there's nobody who makes war / and there's true freedom on the Moon!
Riccardo Venturi, 2013/1/14 - 04:04
We even have a Don Quixote among the site administrators: it is rather logical that, sooner or later, a new Song Itinerary on Don Quixote would be implemented. There are powerful links between Sir Knight of the Sorrowful Figure, music and song, with all the symbols exspected. The title of the new song itinerary includes an homage to our admin, DonQuijote 82.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/12/29 - 01:38
Ten years ago Joe Strummer left us far too soon and seemingly in the midst of a creative resurgence. We remember him with Johnny Appleseed, a great song of his last group, the Mescaleros.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/12/22 - 22:38
We dont't forget. We don't forgive. Adriano Correia de Oliveira's Fala do homem nascido (Talk of a Man who was Born) is dedicated in memory of Diop Mor and Samb Modou, the two Senegalese immigrants slaughtered in Florence on December 13, 2011 by Gianluca Casseri, a fascist member of "Casapound", in the first anniversary of the racist massacre.

Nous n'oublions pas. Nous ne pardonnons pas. La Fala do homem nascido (Discours de l'Homme Né) d'Adriano Correia de Oliveira est dédiée à la mémoire de Diop Mor et Samb Modou, les deux immigrés sénégalais tués à Florence le 13 décembre 2011 par Gianluca Casseri, fasciste de "Casapound", dans le premier anniversaire du massacre raciste.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/12/12 - 00:39
Δε ξεχνάμε, δε συγχωρούμε.. We don't forget, we don't forgive. Four years after Alexis Grigoropoulos' murder, a song by Dionysis Kotsakis. Μπάτσοι γουρούνια δολοφόνοι!
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/12/6 - 15:48
The banker from Bocconi university and the false socialist make pro-HST agreements? So, we empoison 'em in a very, very dangerous "Extra"!
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/12/4 - 00:46
In these days when Gaza is again under attack by the Nazi-Sionist state, we deem it important and right to create a new itinerary about the Palestinian Holocaust
DonQuijote82, 2012/11/25 - 18:30
In these days when Gaza is again under attack by the Nazi-Sionist state, we deem it important and right to listen to this Arabic version of Bella Ciao dedicated to Vittorio Arrigoni.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/11/18 - 01:04
Ultimo volo [Orazione civile per Ustica] ("The Last Flight - A Civil Oration for Ustica") by Pippo Pollina becomes today available from this website. We invite you to carefully read and listen to it in order to keep memory of another criminal shame of the Italian state. A full English translation will be available as soon as possible.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/11/10 - 00:09
Il 4 novembre 2012, alle ore 16.30 presso il teatro "Affratellamento" di Firenze (via Orsini 73) si è svolto lo spettacolo Canzoni contro la Guerra, organizzato dall'Istituto Ernesto De Martino nell'ambito del Forum Europeo "Firenze 10 + 10" con la partecipazione di Alessio Lega, Davide Giromini, Marco Rovelli, Rocco Marchi, Francesca Boccolini e del Coro Le Musiquorum.. Gli organizzatori hanno chiesto al nostro sito di preparare un opuscolo introduttivo coi testi di alcune canzoni e i relativi commenti storici. CCG/AWS partecipa con gioia a questa iniziativa.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/11/5 - 14:06
Freedom Flotilla
10 – 100 – 1000 ESTELLE!!!

"...Estelle carries 2 olive trees, 41 tons of concrete, wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches, obstetrician stethoscopes, children's books, toys, 300 footballs, musical instruments..."
Adriana Guazzoni, 2012/10/20 - 18:52
23 September is the 39th anniversary of Pablo Neruda's death, twelve days after Pinochet's golpe in Chile. So, we'd better refreshing our memory, for instance on Isla Dawson concentration camp, with a little helping song (in Italian) by Offlaga Disco Pax.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/9/23 - 03:14
After long search, Campagna by Napoli Centrale has been finally included in our site with its complete lyrics. Farm labour in all its crudeness against the false idyllic images supported by the country patrons and middle class. And a music among the best ever produced in Italy.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/9/18 - 15:25
Roberto Roversi, the great antifascist poet from Bologna, has died in his native town at the age of 89. No ceremony has been held in his memory, according to his wish, but we want to remember him here as the author of Le parole incrociate ("The Crossword Puzzle") and many other songs he wrote for Lucio Dalla. Farewell Roberto, sit tibi terra levis.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/9/15 - 12:21
Westwind is for the South African workers, especially for the miners, and is dedicated to the memory of their dead, shot by the police, be it that of the white governments of yesterday or that of black governments of today.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/9/7 - 22:14
As good old Woody Guthrie used to say, "Some will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen".
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/8/17 - 23:06
Amerigo and Constantine's Dream: two songs from Patti Smith's latest album, Banga, about environmental crisis and the destruction of the beauty and mystery of the natural world.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/8/12 - 22:00
Someone was a Communist, someone else was a truck driver and everything could be also read in Polish (and in English too)... A very peculiar "Extra", and a lot of thing to think about together with Giorgio Gaber, now that it would be urgent to say: Someone was a capitalist.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/7/22 - 14:50
The incredible story of Emilio Insolvibile, of his LP Amore guerra e società ("Love war and society") and of a song (English translation here) that was left included in this site 9 years without anything but its lyrics, until the author himself has intervened directly in the page. Well, we are enemies of haste, here...
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/7/16 - 11:23
Una vita normale ("A song for Vittorio Arrigoni") by Marco Rovelli, still unreleased, is about a lot of things. About Vittorio Arrigoni, sure; but, above all, about Gaza. About an utopia made up of real things and, just a bit, also about us.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/7/2 - 22:16
The complete original Greek text of the Μπαλάντα του Κυρ-Μέντιου ("The Ballad of Mr Medios"), the well-known "donkey poem" by Kostas Vàrnalis sung by Nikos Xylouris, was already included in this site, but it had been left untranslated. From the Italian translation (an English tranlation will be provided soon), Vàrnalis' poem finally appears in all its revolutionary strength, a song of struggle and hope. With a natural, yet special dedication to Lucien Lane: Αν ξυπνήσεις μονομιάς, θα 'ρτει ανάποδα ο ντουνιάς!
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/6/22 - 15:37
Jack of All Trades, a ruthlessly optimist song from Bruce Springsteen's latest album.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/6/17 - 11:47
Monte Calvario (Mount Calvary), by Ascanio Celestini. A still unreleased song, published for the first time by our website. On Mount Calvary, now, workers are crucified under strict corporate regulations and under the rules of market competition and of the profit-based capitalist society, without any "rising from the dead". A true masterpiece co-performed by Alessio Lega.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/5/30 - 14:24
The square, the loggia, the crane.
Brescia, Italy, 28 May of any year, in a non-existing place where nothing happened.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/5/28 - 22:10
We just want to dedicate this song to Melissa Bassi, 16, who was killed today in Brindisi and to the other girls who were wounded in the horrible and coward bombing we all know about.

Mellissa will stay forever young, and we believe that we all must stay young, including those who are not that young biologically.
Youth means bravery, energy, will to change, being able to make a stand against the corruption and the terrorism of this Power that wants us all old or dead. (Bartleby)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/5/19 - 22:35
A new, unquiet and most topical song itinerary has been instituted: Mort au travail/Death to Work. The disappearance of work (tripalium, δουλεία, labor, slavery) a necessary requirement for a new civilisation based no more on managerial and capitalist exploitation, the same forming the basis of war. As from today, we present you a number of relevant songs, for thought and rebellion. An example is Verranno a chiederti del nostro amore by Fabrizio De André.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/5/5 - 12:32
We have no difficulty in understanding why a song like this is hated by such kind of a person. And we take the liberty of saying that the hate shown by a fanatic murderer is the best evidence how much a song can be important, when it knows how to go into the very heart of things.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/4/26 - 22:20
Maybe someone will have noticed that AWS has reached 5000 authors included. Practically a small town, or at least a large village whose inhabitants have written and sung the history of humanity with its tragedies, hopes and anger for something better and different. And we are proud of giving all them a place where they can stay all together.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/4/17 - 14:19
April 15, 2011; April 15, 2012: Vittorio Arrigoni. And they stayed inhuman. As for us, we don't know; maybe, however, we are trying to stay human, at least.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/4/15 - 12:58
With the song Arco di tenebra we start publishing the entire album Ballate Postmoderne by Redelnoir, that is, Davide Giromini's band. Simply a basic album, no need of adding anything else. An English translation of every song will be provided as soon as possible.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/4/13 - 00:51
An avant premiere for AWS: Μια γόμα γλυκιά (Ο ήχος της καμπάνας) (A Sweet Rubber), lyrics by Yorgos Doultsinos and music by Thalìs Triandafillou.

Since the independence of Greece, popular music has always been a part of public events, crises and tragedies.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/3/21 - 19:23
Courage Luca! And this website, including you as an author since years, just wants to encourage you in your struggle for life with your best known song ,The Valsusian's Monday. AWS are long supporting NO TAV struggle: A sarà düra! 'Twill be hard!
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/2/28 - 12:48
AWS NUMBER 15,0000

'Is it an anti-war book?' 'Yes, I guess.'
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/1/29 - 23:01
A/I Needs You. Autistici/Inventati collective, that provides the server for our website, needs people's contribution.

Think about donating, even if it's just a small amount.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2012/1/19 - 14:21
From 1972 Sweden to the world of 2012: has anything changed? Sure it has, and even worsened. Anyway, what is stated in Staten och kapitalet still finds perfect application. A song talking about state and capital mechanisms that is worth knowing and -why not?- spreading.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/1/10 - 09:42
From the depths of time: Lo boièr. The only Catharian song that has come to us. An encripted song and the blood-drenched end of the Occitan civilization, for an important and difficult page.
Riccardo Venturi, 2012/1/5 - 00:21
Happy new year for all? Sure. But something's telling us that 2012 won't be so good a year. As it stood written on a wall, merry crisis and happy new fear. Anyway, the whole AWS staff wishes everyone a happy end of the world: MAY A/ll save themselves!

Riccardo Venturi, 2011/12/31 - 11:20
6 December, 2007: the Thyssen Krupp fire in Turin. Five songs concerned with it: Tra il 5 e il 6 dicembre a Torino [Thyssen], Quelli della Thyssen Krupp, Thyssen Krupp, in memory of, Siamo gli operai and 7.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/12/6 - 10:59
A very peculiar page for a seemingly obscure song of Freedom (or rather, of Osuna Freedom): Palimpsesto, written by Patricio Manns. When AWS plunge into the depths of poetry...
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/11/28 - 16:59
Las canciones by León Gieco: a song about songs in a song website, be they "agains", "in" or "for" anything. From Gieco's freshly released album El desembarco.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/11/21 - 16:19
Franz-Josef Degenhardt, maybe the greatest German folksinger, passed away on November 14. Danke für alles. Du bleibst unvergessen..
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/11/16 - 22:48
Set to music and performed by Diamanda Galás in her Songs of Exile, Todesfuge, the most celebrated poem by Paul Celan comes to be included in AWS. A tragic reflexion on extermination camps, and one among the most important site pages of recent times with translations in nearly 30 languages.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/11/1 - 16:53
29 October: 30 years since the death of Georges Brassens. 30 October: 100 years since the act of soldier Masetti. Remote in time and in their respective lives, but united in saying NO to militarism. We want to remember them together.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/10/31 - 09:28
Capitalism is crashed. Install new system? OK.

October 15th: United for Global Change!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/10/14 - 23:22
From his hospital bed, Scocciante the wicked wants to reassure all Anti-War Songs friends that he managed to cheat Death. Rumours claim that Pampalea the Black Cat, Ahmed the window cleaner and Riccardo Venturi are hospitalized in the same room.

From the wide-open windows, the notes of this song by Georges Brassens can be heard clearly...
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/9/23 - 18:07
Iraq war: civilian deaths 102,417. That’s one 9/11 every 3 months for the past 10 years. No monuments. No minutes silence.

So here's a toast to all the folks who live in Palestine Afghanistan Iraq El Salvador
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/9/11 - 10:27
It is now possible to search videos on YouTube directly from our website.

In the page dedicated to a song, click on Search -> YouTube Video and recommend a video to be included.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/7/30 - 23:23
And so we are back in Genoa, ten years later. Never forget.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/7/23 - 12:17
Adriana Guazzoni, 2011/6/23 - 09:45
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/6/10 - 22:00
Enzo Del Re has died. He worked in full slowness. This site says him farewell with one of his most revolutionary songs. Ciao Enzo, have a good rest.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/6/7 - 23:49
Our friends and comrades Marco Valdo M.I. and Lucien Lane are supposed to be particularly happy, yet we think that the new song itinerary on Antiwar (and Antiwork) Donkeys has much to say to everyone!.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/5/11 - 10:45
May 9, 1978, May 9, 2011. To vague "statesmen", then victims of their own "state", surely and by far do we prefer him. And his radio.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/5/9 - 20:09
25 April. Necessary words, clear curses:
A me ciam Bert ("My name is Bert") by Bobo Rondelli.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/4/25 - 00:26
Finally online the page dedicated to Canto General by Pablo Neruda, set to music by Mikis Theodorakis. The page also provides the beautiful Italian (by Cristina Martin) and French (by Marco Valdo M.I.) translations
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/4/14 - 12:54
A Leopardi style dialogue (in Italian) about the Cirenaic War. After the first hot reactions, a bit more lines of reasoning, and some doubts too. I allow myself to point out that this also marks my coming back to the site after a couple of months' absence.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/3/28 - 00:56
A false "revolution", then the usual "Exportation of Democracy" on rockets top. The dear & old colonialism, oil, the "Nobel prize winner" Bushobama, the European serfs like Sarkozy, the ring kisser Berlusconi: here's a brand new war, this time at house door. And we also say NO, just like Gino Strada.
Riccardo Venturi, 2011/3/20 - 11:34
Not Now, Not Then, Not Ever! No Nukes!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/3/15 - 23:33
Brigante se more (As Brigands We Die) is a folk-ballad written by Eugenio Bennato and Carlo D'Angiò in 1979. It shed a different light on the history of Italian Unification and on the "Outlaw war" in Southern Italy.

150 years later, the history of this "civil war" is still unrecognised in the rhetorical celebrations.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/2/26 - 01:06
"I am the people. My hand lights life, makes deserts green, devastates tyrants". It's a song by the great Egyptian vernacular poet Ahmad Fu’ad Nigm, one of those great symbols of resistance and opposition in the Arab world.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/2/2 - 23:25
Antiwar Songs Staff invites you all to support Emergency by subscribing the membership card or by making a donation to support the humanitarian activities.
Emergency is an indipendent NGO, founded in Italy to provide high quality and free of charge health care to the war and poverty victims.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/1/26 - 21:54
Hamada Ben Amor, known to the fans as El Général, is a 22-year-old Tunisian rapper who recently became famous in his homeland. In his song "President, your people are dying" he challenges dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali over corruption and unemployment. El General is the voice of the recent riots and protests against the regime.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/1/12 - 18:23
2011: Le combat continue
Lorenzo Masetti, 2011/1/2 - 01:46
We wish everyone a merry fuckin' shit Xmas, excepting one!
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/12/21 - 00:40
A good title could be: "The strange death of an anarchist, through the action of a "heroic" mayor and a hospital. This is Francesco Mastrogiovanni's story, as told by Alessio Lega. Between old and mysterious episodes, violence, repression and lies. In one word: Italy.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/11/19 - 03:43
Most of us don't even know there's a language called "Meadow Mari": imagine now a language called Hill Mari. Well, just with a version in this incredible language our Internationale page now reaches versions in 90 languages. A true "world record" our website is really, though silently, proud of.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/11/16 - 22:14
La sentenza del processo di appello per i fatti del 15 maggio 1999 ha derubricato e dichiarato prescritte le accuse nei confronti di tutti e tredici gli imputati e cancellato la vergognosa sentenza emessa in primo grado, con la quale li si condannava a sette anni di detenzione.
Adriana Guazzoni, 2010/11/5 - 16:29
Sentenced to a seven years term for demonstrating against war. On November 5, in Florence (Italy), the appeal trial is scheduled to begin against 7 persons sentenced in first instance to a 7 years term for demonstrating against NATO air raids on Serbia. Seven years for being bludgeoned by the Police. AWS/CCG joins the appeal and invites everyone to sign it.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/10/30 - 00:17
John Lennon would have turned 70 today. "I think it’s important to remember that Lennon put a lot of work into fighting the war in Vietnam. He was an activist in the peace movement, and he paid a very heavy price for that. In 1972, Richard Nixon tried to deport him because of his peace movement activity. I think that is a legacy that’s worth remembering today, more than Beatle-mania and more than I Want to Hold Your Hand." (Jon Wiener, history professor).
Lorenzo Masetti, 2010/10/9 - 00:59
We cannot say, just for the moment, who this song is dedicated to; but the matter is entry, and this time it is no song, even if our dedication is through a song: Nostro amor la crescerà.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/10/3 - 12:46
2 August 1980, 2 August 2010. The Name of Maria Fresu keeps on exploding, maybe, in what remains of Italy's civil conscience.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/8/3 - 00:05
Quelli che il 20 luglio (Those, Who on July 20).
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/7/20 - 12:33
You don't feel 50 years past. On July 7, 2010, 50 years since the revolt against Tambroni's fascist government, nothing has changed. Now they attack the victims of an earthquake: the same police, the same fascist state. And the song needs updating.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/7/8 - 11:36
Chi fermerà la tonaca by our ineffable Riccardo Scocciante finally finds its natural performer: Lello Vitello, with his unforgettable version from his website!
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/6/17 - 22:46
Joe Fallisi is fine and free, and that's what's most important. Here's a definitely correct article on him, from "Cronaca Qui Milano". We don't mention another article, published in a "newspaper" ("Giornale") of serfs of serfs of serfs, where Joe has been vulgarly insulted (and where, too, our site is quoted: a quotation we decidedly refuse). To that "Giornale" may perfectly be applied the definition Catullus gave of Volusius' Annales in his Carmen XXXVI: Cacata carta.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/6/2 - 17:31
Gaza: Israel attacks the Freedom Flotilla
While the number of victims is steadily growing, I learn from CNRMedia that also three Italian pacifists, and among them “our” Joe Fallisi are on board on one of the Freedom Flotilla vessels...I wonder if someone has news of him... (The Lone Ranger)

We had, and I say “we had”, in this site also “Hatikva”, the Zionist hymn and current national anthem of Israel. I myself had included it here for certain, particular historical reasons; but these reasons do not subsist anymore after an act like that occurring in these hours. Although this website is renowned for its uttermost plurality of views, it would be just the same if we included the Horst Wessel Lied. For this reason, I have removed the Hatikva page, with the hope that we can include in this site, one day, the anthem of a free and united Palestine where all can really live in peace. (Riccardo Venturi)

For the same reasons, the CCG/AWS Staff does not think it right that the song "Shir laShalom" should be included anymore in the "Basic Songs", although it is kept in the website. This for the absolute lack of sincerity of a State whose policy of warfare and aggression is not likely to come to an end. We wish it replaced with a true peace song, that is Angelita di Anzio; let it be dedicated to all Angelitas of Gaza. (AWS/CCG Staff)
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/5/31 - 14:32
Società dello spettacolo marks the beginning of the complete inclusion of Ballate di Fine Comunismo (Ballads at the End of Communism) by Davide Giromini. Once the song lyrics have been received from the author, we are now able to offer this small, yet enormous album by the folksinger and accordeonist from Carrara. Just one word: basic, in these stonehard times.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/5/3 - 04:04
A "little song" by a young Italian folksinger from Salento, Luigi Mariano. From Salento, just like Alessio Lega. The song's name is Il negazionista and it's about something so fashionable, now. Ok, let's deny everything: it's so cool, and calls for "Expression Freedom". What a pity, that the objects of all kinds of negationism have never loved so much that freedom.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/4/30 - 14:11
"No news, good news", as the old saying goes. So, we seize the occasion of this...brief standstill to propose an opinion campaign. WE WANT ALESSANDRO FOR A NEW AWS ADMIN! Dear reader, let your voice be heard clearly and aloud: ALESSANDRO, HURRY UP AND BECOME AN ADMIN! Your time has come! Your Silver Contributorship is drawing near!
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/4/29 - 11:11
On Saturday, April 10, soldiers of the Afghan army and the International Coalition Forces attacked the Emergency Surgical Centre of Lashkar-gah and arrested members of the national and international staff.

President Karzai, the International Occupation Forces and the Italian Government are trying by any means to push Emergency, an inconvenient witness of this dirty war, out of Afghanistan.

Please subscribe the petition
Lorenzo Masetti, 2010/4/13 - 15:47
With Le roi d'Yvetot, an anti-Napoleonic song written 1813 by Pierre-Jean de Béranger, CCG/AWS goes back to the roots of the modern protest song, arisen in a time when the wars were bleeding France and the whole Europe.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/3/17 - 20:40
After long preparation work, the page on Mikis Theodorakis' masterpiece, the Ἄξιον Ἐστί based on a poem by the Greek Nobel prize winner Odysseas Elytis has finally come to its definitive stage, including the complete lyrics and an extensive essay by Gian Piero Testa (in Italian), written explicitly for this website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/2/4 - 00:07
A happy New Year to everybody! And this deepest wish is perfectly incarnated in the wonderful Bye-Byes Hymn composed 1973 by the Italian band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso: Non mi rompete ("Don't Piss Me Off"). Just that. Don't piss us off with your wars, your "peace missions", your fucking "terrorisms" and your slavery work, but let us sleep and dream!.
Riccardo Venturi, 2010/1/1 - 16:09
"As in a vile book", Vic Chesnutt has gone a different way on "Christmas" day. We want to remember him with his beautiful song Iraq. Bye fellow, you are one of us.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/12/26 - 11:45
9999: a Tribute.

10000. Too many words are good for nothing. Only a number is good! December 6, 2009, 11:21 pm.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/12/6 - 23:20
A new "Song Itinerary" on Child Abuse has been recently included in this site. Riccardo Scocciante, so, wondered why there wasn't yet here a special Song Itinerary on Prime Minister Abuse: et voilà. His own way.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/11/13 - 12:46
Walls. One fell just 20 years ago. Many, too many are still standing; but they aren't so fashionable, and will never be so. There's no President saying "Ich bin ein Palestinier".
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/11/9 - 22:32
A page here had long been left unfinished; now it's complete, with a ship, a white cat and a special view angle.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/11/5 - 04:11
We got to say that Alda Merini, maybe, has moved to a righter place for her, halfway between the empty nothingness and the fullness of mind. Born on the Springday, vanished on Lammas Tide. Most hard ward did she lead; taught to overcome defeats. She lived in the wonderful disorder of completeness; may the light of the gods bid her welcome.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/11/1 - 20:52
Our section dedicated to Spanish politial songs has been remarkably enlarged, thanks to Gustavo Sierra Fernández's blog. Muchas gracias, Gustavo, en nombre de todo el equipo de "Canciones contra la guerra" y enhorabuena por tu magnífico blog
Lorenzo Masetti, 2009/10/26 - 20:56
Bastian contrario... e non solo

October 16 and 17, 2009 Istituto Ernesto de Martino
Villa San Lorenzo al Prato e Giardini Viale Ariosto Sesto Fiorentino (Florence - Italy)

With: Rudi Assuntino, Moni Ovadia, Alessio Noferini, Alessio Lega, Marco Rovelli, Gualtiero Bertelli, Mimmo and Sandra Boninelli, Paolo Ciarchi, Claudio Cormio, Riccardo Luppi, Banda K100, Paolino Dalla Porta, Fratelli Rossi, Alberto Cesa and CantoVivo, Renato Franchi e l’orchestra del suonatore Jones, Giuseppe “Spedino” Moffa, Marino and Sandro Severini (Gang), Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti, Davide Giromini, E’Zezi, Daniele Sepe, Massimo Ferrante, Buzz On, Tetes de Bois, Claudio Lolli and Paolo Capodacqua, Banda degli ottoni a scoppio, Suonatori Terra Terra, Bianca Giovannini, Nuovo Canzoniere Bresciano, Piero Brega and Orietta Orengo, Sara Modigliani, I Giorni Cantati di Calvatone a Piadena, a video contribution by Marco Paolini, Mattia Ringozzi.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/10/15 - 15:41
Daniela Pighi, 2009/9/17 - 13:39
Antiwar Songs website has moved to a new server. The new address is We are now hosted by autistici/inventati, that we ask you to support. Thanks again to Prato Linux User Group for these years of hosting.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2009/8/14 - 18:33
AWS/CCG goes on holiday for a short respite (or trying to do so). So, we say you goodbye with a very, very particular "Extra". Would you ever expect to see here Pippi Longstocking? Yet there is, and this site is a perfect place for ther. See you soon!
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/8/5 - 01:18
Si è svolto ieri a Livorno il raduno-ribongia-gabbionata del Deposito-Canti di Lotta, sito con il quale abbiamo rapporti più che fraterni; tant'è vero che, ovviamente, c'eravamo. Un'occasione per ringraziare Sergej Durzu, Pardo Fornaciari e tutti gli altri per la bellissima, sgolantissima e incacciuccata cosa che hanno organizzato, anche in ricordo di Ivan della Mea. Davvero grandi.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/7/12 - 13:38
June 25, 2009: AWS/CCG reach number 9000. The "special page" dedicated to this event is a collection of antiwar and militant murals from all over the world, pointing out a really free and spontaneous form of expression that often meets highest creativity and art. The countdown to 10000 has just started.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/6/25 - 05:04
Ivan Della Mea has died. Starting from today, we are a little less free, as well as a little more alone. Our watch-ache is growing. A great figure in the Italian folksong, whom we also want to remind as a friend and a comrade of this site. Farewell, Ivan, we love you.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/6/14 - 13:46
It doesn't happen every day to receive a song written by a 12 years old boy; then, if the song is about the murder of a boy of equal age by the Police, with simple and strong words, it is still more important. The song is called Ντροπή αστυνομία (Shame on you, Police!) and the boy's name is Sify Giannakos. A song about Alexis Grigoropoulos' murder, seen through the eyes of a boy just like him. And our website is far prouder of including a song like this, than those of a host of music tycoons.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/5/21 - 01:53
After almost two years, the so-called Primitive AWS, i.e. the original nucleus of this website formed by spontaneus collection in 2003, have been totally tagged. At the same time, many of the relevant 604 pages have undergone a thoroughful restyling; but a great number of such pages still needs restructuration. Anyone willing to contribute to this hard work is welcome, e.g. by including discographical and author data and/or commentaries or images. You need only clicking on the Song Itinerary and checking!
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/5/6 - 01:15
Just in these days, a collaborator to this site, Alessandro has given his contribution nr 1,000. Well, at least one small piece of news to thank him is necessary, and with extreme pleasure!
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/4/22 - 19:39
You must have remarked that the site homepage layout has been slightly altered by introducing the caption ”Anti-war Songs” in 50 languages. Not only to reaffirm the wholly international orientation of this website, but also to make search and contribution easier.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/4/9 - 01:15
Today, and probably next days too, this site won't be updated with the usual regularity. We too, like everyone, are following the dramatic news from L'Aquila and surroundings. As far as we can, the entire staff of AntiWar Songs is close to the populations struck by the earthquake.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/4/6 - 12:49
March 20, 2003/March 20, 2009: this website, like the Iraqi war (still in course, if you ever don't know), is going to be six years old. “On line since the night of 2003/3/20, the day the US launched their attack on Iraq”, says a homepage caption: and we keep on going, day after day. This website, like all songs included in it, won't put an end to any war: it's our opposition, that we want to express on. All together.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/3/19 - 21:10
It fell to the Italian translation of Ejecución pública, a poignant Spanish song by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, to take our website to a five-figure number in its history: the Translation/commentary nr 10,000. 9 March 2009: an important date for AWS/CCG.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/3/9 - 16:15
This site has become so huge, that it's now slipping even from its admins' hands: this is a typical exemple, but also an occasion to know a most beautiful song by the greatest Japanese musician, Tōru Takemitsu.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/3/5 - 01:30
"Lunatics camps: the Asylum war". That's the title of a news song itinerary starting from the reproposal of E ti chiamaron matta ("And they called you a Lunatic") by Gianni Nebbiosi (1972), an album recently re-recorded by Alessio Lega.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/2/12 - 03:25
By including the last song, the transcription of what is maybe the most important album of songs originating from Nazist camps: Songs from the Depths of Hell, recorded by Aleksander Kulisiewicz (a survivor of German extermination camps) has come to an end. All this in the Day of Memory of January 27, never to forget any extermination, any past and current genocide.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/1/27 - 10:56
Like Himalaya mountains, AWS/CCG reach height 8000; and, this time, they do it with one most famous poem/song by Mahmoud Darwish, the great Palestinian poet recently deceased: Identity Card. No overpowering identity, but of affirmation, survival, hope and decision. A fully militant special page, with the wish that it may be useful, too, for a grain of true peace.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/1/14 - 00:36
The rush to 8000 is beginning tonight.. Meanwhile, to remember again Fabrizio, a song accompanying these days of child death:Sidùn
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/1/12 - 20:13
Fabrizio De André left us ten cursed years ago. Today he's going to be remembered as sort of saint, but he's been kept under control and accused of terrorism for many years. As for us, we want to remember him briefly and without bombastic, useless words: his songs do say all, and so will they do forever.
Riccardo Venturi, 2009/1/11 - 08:42
He's one of our most prolific authors and writes song on his own, for his own pleasure: his name is Richard Marot. He's written a Gaza's Protest Song that seems us appropriate in these last, terrible days of 2008.

Riccardo Venturi, 2008/12/28 - 13:52
A song on the Greek police, that by Stihima. The Greek police that shoots dead a 15 years old student, Alexis Grigoropoulos. Ο ΑΛΕΞΗΣ ΖΕΙ, ΟΙ ΝΕΚΡΟΙ ΕΙΣΑΣΤΕ ΕΣΕΙΣ.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/12/8 - 14:08
December 6, 2007 - December 6, 2008. One year after the Thyssen Krupp massacre, still hundreds of human lives claimed by work and market. Arbeit macht frei, as usual.

Riccardo Venturi, 2008/12/6 - 15:09
Fainallen terminated, here iß the pasche on de Sturmtruppen Marsch (in Italianen, ach so!); ein reallen wunderbar ding akainsten war, tschust liken Bonvi's kartonen. Und rememberen allwagen: Blinden, ready und apsolute obediencen!

Riccardo Venturi, 2008/11/29 - 20:27
Antiwar Songs on Popolare Network. On November 4 Riccardo Venturi has been invited to talk on Radio Popolare Network for an "anti-commemorative" broadcasting the anniversary of the Italian WW-I "victory". The mp3 recording of this intervention is available for free download.
Daniela Pighi, 2008/11/5 - 01:44
We too like the students, especially in these days. So, we want to dedicate them this song to back their struggle. And we're adding this other song, too!
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/10/23 - 12:17
Richard Harris (1930-2002) is known for being one major Irish actor; he is less known as a folksinger and song author, but he was an outstanding one. His masterpiece against the Ulster civil war (the "Troubles"), There Are Too Many Saviours On My Cross, is presented here and provided with an Italian translation (maybe the first in any language).
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/10/21 - 02:27
The page dedicated to one of the most important songs of our website, L'estaca by the Catalan folksinger Lluís Llach, has been totally remade and restyled with inclusion of new translations.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/10/16 - 19:56
Service.. Our website has a small number of graphical conventions established by use, that all collaborators and admins should observe. E.g., one of these is that the titles of translations should be WRITTEN IN BLOCK LETTERS. Thanks!
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/10/12 - 20:15
Memory has come back home: Mio nonno partì per l'Ortigara by Chiara Riondino can be finally listened and downloaded. One of the very first and most beautiful AWS ever included, that has long been available only from this site. The song is provided with an English translation.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/9/20 - 01:49
We learned with grief the news of Stefano Rosso's death. Here's an hommage with what is maybe his most beautiful, and vivid, song: Bologna '77.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/9/16 - 13:08
The lyrics to the deeply moving Kabylian version of Bella Ciao, composed by Ferhat Mehenni for his son Ameziane, murdered in 2004, have been long unavailable. We can now give the lyrics, followed by an Italian translation.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/9/8 - 16:25
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. Undecipherable lyrics for an anti-patriotic song (as Eddie Vedder stated)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2008/8/13 - 01:33
The AWS website's gonna remain "closed" for some days of unmerited holiday (up to August 15, let's say so). Only basic services such as approval (or refuse) of songs will remain active. The webmaster and admins wish you all sweet idleness, otium, farniente etc.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/8/4 - 17:37
We've contributed today the Lai del ragionare caotico [Blacklai] by Lello Voce. Now, that we finally know for sure we're living in a police state, now that "sentences" are put forth, now, today. There's a lot of commentaries, now that the "sentence" tells us that there's been no torture in Genoa. Tweaks. Light slaps. So, we're leaving. Going our way. We don't want to have to do anymore with this State, with States. We are citizens of the Moon and of the Wolf.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/7/15 - 18:04
After reaching over 7000 songs, our site also reached over 8000 translations / commentaries. All this is mostly due to our contributors from all over the world. We are pleased to mention and thank two workful new entries, Marco Valdo M.I. with his beautiful and perfect French translations, and Giorgio with his mp3 contributions.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/7/4 - 01:55
On June 24, 2008, our site has reached 7000 songs. When reaching thousands, it has become a tradition for us to prepare a "special page", dedicated this time to a true milestone in the motion picture art, and also in human freedom: the Final speech from Charlie Chaplin's "Great Dictator.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/6/24 - 17:29
Gelem, gelem is the national anthem of the Gypsies (Romà) of the world, a song that originated directly from the Nazist holocaust (the Porrajmos). In a time of "bipartisan" pogroms, its presence in this site is simply indispensable. We're all Gypsies! A new song itinerary on Gypsies, Racism, Porrajmos has been created at the same time.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/5/21 - 02:43
The new song itinerary on Nazist mass slaughters in Italy and Europe.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/4/22 - 10:46
They've voted. And then, what?
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/4/14 - 22:21
Today is the fifth anniversary of the Iraqi war, but we should not forget that since First Gulf War the slaughter has never stopped for people in Iraq.

According to the estimate by Iraq Body Count the number of civilian deaths in this war is around 88.000, but taking into account other factors
estimates in 1.190.000 the number of Iraqi deaths due to US invasion.
The deaths among the occupation troops are 3992 and 21.000 injured.

March 20, 2003 - March 20, 2008... and war goes on. For these five long years, this website has always witnessed its opposition to this war, and to any war
Lorenzo Masetti, 2008/3/20 - 14:18
Although with some delay and due to the difficulty in building a page like this, our website too wants to celebrate the Day of Memory of January 27, reminding that every day is memory for AWS, with no exception. We have chosen a basic musical composition of the past century, composed in a prison camp in 1941 by Olivier Messiaen: the Quartet for the end of Time. Thanks to our friend and contributor Renato Stecca for entering the page.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/1/27 - 23:50
...and among an AWS and the other, our webmaster, Lorenzo Masetti, gives his contribution to Clemente Mastella's shwo-up. You don't believe it? Read the article on "La Repubblica"!
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/1/25 - 19:35
Reconstructing the lyrics of a song formerly included only with few verses is important: such was the case of Il bonzo by the Italian folksinger (and heart surgeon) Enzo Jannacci. This was allowed us by mrs Alberta Beccaro from Venice, an expert of Enzo Jannacci and Sergio Endrigo, whom we thank heartily.

Riccardo Venturi, 2008/1/12 - 04:53
2008 begins the same way as our website had its beginning, with a song by Boris Vian, Chantez. Here's an occasion to wish all of you a happy new year of total opposition.
Riccardo Venturi, 2008/1/1 - 23:59
The Italian version of Richard Fariña's Birmingham Sunday allows this website to reach 7,000 translations / commentaries.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/12/27 - 22:19
A song definitely "in topic" with the period, Gesù Bambino ("Jesus Child") by a most celebrated Italian folksinger, Francesco De Gregori is also the video n° 1000 included in AWS/CCG website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/12/16 - 12:16
This website today has returned to seventeen.

Hoy este web ha volvido a los diecisiete.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/12/14 - 02:04
Ophra Haza's wonderful Kaddish. We thereby bid our welcome to Marcia, who...inspired its inclusion, as a new admin of our website. Bienvenida, Marcia.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/12/5 - 02:29
AWS live on their free contributors. So, we have the sad duty to inform you of the death of one of them, among our first: Emil Schavut from the Swiss canton Graubünden, the author of several translations into his native Swiss Romanche language (among others, La guerra di Piero). To Emil our everlasting and deepest thanks for what he has done for us.

Riccardo Venturi, 2007/11/30 - 22:37
Thanks to Marcia Rosati, another most important and impressing song is now part of AWS/CCG website: Dat Leed van den Häftling Nr. 562, written in the Low German language by the poet Oswald Andrae and dedicated to the "Prisoner nr 562", the Nobel Prize winner Carl von Ossietzky, persecuted by the Nazi regime.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/11/2 - 18:00
Considered in Spain as a milestone, Miguel Ríos' concept album La huerta atómica (1976) is almost unknown in other countries. AWS/CCG are pleased to present it in its integrality. Translations will follow.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/10/23 - 14:18
Since one year the Warszawianka/Varsovienne/A las barricadas page had been waiting to be remade; an immense work to remedy a substantial error we had committed. Today, the work is over with a still more complete page totally separated from the 1831 Warszawianka page.

Riccardo Venturi, 2007/10/11 - 15:51
So we've finally reached 6000. As usual for the "Thousands AWS", we've built a special page: this time, it's a series of antiwar and antimilitarist satyrical cartoons from Italy and other countries. But this page is preceded by an equally important initiative: the contribution of the whole Rwandan Song Cycle by Lorne Clarke and Tom Flannery. The 1994 Rwandan genocide told with a series of 17 terrible and beautiful songs.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/9/17 - 23:24
We sometimes use the news to thank some collaborators/translators who are true pillars of this site. So, un très grand merci to our friends and comrades Jacky Fluttaz and Daniel Bellucci from France. We can't find the right words, definitely. | De temps en temps nous utilisons les news poir remercier des collaborateurs/traducteurs qui sont des véritables piliers de ce site. Donc, un très grand merci à nos amis et camarades Jacky Fluttaz et Daniel Bellucci. Vraiment, on ne trouve pas les mots justes.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/9/7 - 00:51
AWS VIDEOS BEING EMBEDDED. Someone will have noticed that a number of videoclips available are being directly embedded in the relevant song pages. A new feature making our pages still more enjoyable. An exemple is Zombie.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/9/3 - 00:40
After a...false alarm some months ago, here we are at least: the version/commentary in the 100th language has been reached thanks to the Georgian version of the Internationale, being also the 80th language of the relevant page. Our site reaches this way an historical aim. Thanks to our friend Arisztid for his most precious contribution.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/8/13 - 19:46
Behind The Wall by Tracy Chapman, from her 1st album of 1988. With this song, AWS are faced to violence on women, the war one half of mankind leads against the other half, every day. This song also starts a new song itinerary on violence on women.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/8/9 - 18:54
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, the well-known song by The Band written by Robbie Robertson, tells a story of the American Civil War from a Southern point of view. But the message is clear: on the "wrong side" as well, war means death, hunger and destruction.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2007/7/20 - 10:26
Very sad news: Caterina Bueno died on July, 17. All our website remembers her: she will forever be an important part of it.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/7/17 - 21:55
Everybody should know who was, and still is and will forever be, Dino Frisullo. Should anyone not know, there's an excellent beginning on Frizullo, a song by Alessio Lega focused on Dino's figure. The author kindly agreed to the song's free download. Thanks to Alessio, and we're sure he won't be scared if we say: special thanks to Dino! He also wrote a song, Newroz, performed by Modena City Ramblers.
The song is in Italian, but an English translation has been provided.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/7/6 - 15:50
My last contribution from Fribourg is nothing but a necessary act: the inclusion of don Lorenzo Milani's Obeyance Is No More A Virtue (in Italian, but an English translation will be provided). It is no song, of course; for this reason it has been included in the "AWS Extras". It is, however, a basic text representing the founding reasons of this website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/6/29 - 16:38
A most beautiful and important song: Trova do vento que passa by Adriano Correia de Oliveira (the lyrics are by the poet Manuel Alegre). There's always someone sowing songs in the wind passing by.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/6/21 - 21:21
The songs on Sante Caserio, the Italian anarchist who killed the French president Sadi Carnot in 1894, are now included in the AWS. Caserio is a baker, not a spy!
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/5/20 - 12:54
The Symphony no. 13 by Dmitriy Shostakovich, "Babi Yar", accompanying a series of poems by Yevgeny Evtushenko, is now included in the AWS as one of its most important contributions.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/5/4 - 01:22
A particular English version, a Bella Ciao that's the way the AWS/CCG website has chosen to celebrate April 25, both in Italy and in Portugal. The song hadn't even a name, and we called it Bella Ciao (For Peace And Freedom).
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/4/24 - 22:32
Maybe someone will have noticed it, maybe not: today is an important day for this site, that reached translations & commentaries in 100 languages. We are probably, after Wikipedia, the most plurilingual website in the world.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/4/18 - 18:36
It took exactly 8 month for the longest and most difficult translation of the whole site. A most particular one indeed, to: the Ancient Greek version of the Internationale is ready, at last.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/4/16 - 18:26
The Capeman, a musical by Paul Simon. At the time it was a clamorous flop, but it's a story of immigration, racism and jail we don't want to forget. For the first time translated into italian
Lorenzo Masetti, 2007/4/6 - 14:51
Another new song itinerary: From World Jails, dedicated to the "jail world" as an expression of the System and of its repressive violence. A song itinerary likely to become very complex and extensive.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/4/3 - 17:28
The new song itinerary Antiwar Songs From Olden Times includes all AWS prior to the 18th century. They are the "grandmas" of our site, that, as any grandmother, still have a lot to say to their grandchildren.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/26 - 11:31
With the Hildebrandslied the AWS drive back to the dawn of Middle Ages. A "special page" for a very special contribution.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/22 - 00:27
This site is not celebrating at all its 4th anniversary. There's nothing to "celebrate". It was born on the same day of a new war. 5322 songs and thousands of victims. This is how it is; nothing else to be said.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/20 - 20:02
The new Song itinerary on Traditional English, Scottish and Irish antiwar folkballads includes some among the oldest songs recorded in our website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/19 - 15:51
With 加入到遠征軍, a song originating in the Han Dynasty period (202 b.C.-220 a.C.), we surely have the oldest antiwar song ever included in our collection and, at the same time, an everlasting document of capital importance. "At fifteen I went to war..." Including a number of English translations and one Italian version.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/12 - 01:55
The beautiful page Songs For Change gives us Na Gaidheil am Basra (The Gael in Basra), the first antiwar song in Scottish Gaelic. it is also the language nr 70 of our database collection.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/11 - 20:43
Sara Rose: an unknown name, an author of parodistic antiwar songs here reproduced from the biggest collection of such kind in English ever existing in the Web. Sara Rose is the author nr 2000 of our website.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/6 - 18:02
From Kopenhagen to Bologna, the same arrogance of power, the same cops, the same violence. From Ungdomhuset to sheriff-mayor Cofferati, from the right-wing "Christian" sects to the lagers called CPT. A unique no, a unique struggle. We were there, we'll be always there.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/3/3 - 22:54
ALL OF US WERE THERE, IN VICENZA! AWS adhere and will be present on site.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/2/18 - 10:30
ARTE CONTRO LA GUERRA / ANTIWAR ART: With this particular "special page", AWS/CCG reach number 5000. A page establishing a link between music and painting, two art forms witnessing the most radical opposition to war and militarism. - ...and also 5000 translations/commentaries with the Romanian traslations of Chaim's Letter
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/2/2 - 20:49
- 3...
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/1/26 - 22:05
The song itinerary Antiwar classical music includes now two essential antiwar compositions by the Italian componist Luigi Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigionia and Il Prigioniero.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/1/18 - 15:51
Two new song itineraries on Salazar's dictatorship in Portugal and the Revolution of Carnations and on the "Colonel's Dictatorship" in Greece (1967-1974.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/1/15 - 11:03
Eight years ago, on January 11, Fabrizio de André evaporated in a red cloud. AWS remember him with a lesser-known song, a "modified version" of Via della Povertà (a cover of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row).
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/1/10 - 11:35
A most beautiful and important song of our collection: Milonga del moro judío. An English translation is now available, other translations will follow.
Riccardo Venturi, 2007/1/8 - 23:37
It's official: it's now possible to reach this website from the domain
We wish a happy new year to all collaborators and readers. Special thanks to Kiocciolina for her beautifuls translations.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/12/30 - 14:42
On December 28th, 2006 we've been hosted by the independent radio station Controradio of Florence to talk about our website. Here's the playlist, we will soon add some audio fragments.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/12/28 - 18:53
AWS keep on their recuperation policy and propose you a song that was, in its time, a worldwide hit: Fernando by ABBA. The lyrics are really worth reading, waiting for a MP3.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/12/22 - 14:17
Just a "service communication". Contributors are kindly requested to take care of the spelling and of the graphical aspect of their contributions. In particular, you are recommended to avoid typing lyrics in capital letters. Thank you!
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/12/21 - 00:56
December 12. Nothing happened on December 12. Especially on December 12, 1969. No piazza Fontana. No bomb. No bank. No Pietro Valpreda. No massacre, "more or less by the state". There's a number of songs: who wrote them?
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/12/12 - 16:26
One should not, maybe, rejoice with a person's death, but there can be reasonable exceptions. Tonight, December 10, 2006, a murderer, an executioner and, last but not least, a robber, has passed away: General Augusto Pinochet. Let's say that he's died of age, differently from Víctor Jara, whom he ordered to be slaughtered in Estadio Chile. May he not rest in peace.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/12/10 - 20:19
Starting from today, Le Déserteur has a version in Lingala, an important language of Central Africa.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/12/10 - 11:06
The complete reshaping and restyling of our page dedicated to Tammurriata nera, with a brand new English translation, is also our site's hommage to the Neapolitan song and to Naples. City of peace and beauty, not of firing weapons!
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/11/26 - 12:33
Road to Peace, the new wonderful song by Tom Waits, a reflection about Israel and Palestine. Download it, listen to it and read the lyrics.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/11/7 - 16:16
A new itinerary through the soundtracks of the most famous anti war movies, by Alessandro.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/11/3 - 15:30
1000 downloadable songs!! Once again a special THANKS to Alessandro!
Adriana Guazzoni, 2006/10/11 - 20:49
Three interesting videos found on You Tube:
La domenica delle salme (the only videoclip starring Fabrizio De André directed by Gabriele Salvatores)
The Star Spangled Banner (Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock)
Masters of War performed by Ed Vedder in 1993 at Dylan's 30th anniversary concert
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/9/15 - 15:12
Last act from Fribourg: the complete reshaping of the Pescatore page. Tomorrow is another story, hopefully beautiful as before. See you soon. [RV]
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/9/8 - 22:11
[RV] bids farewell to Switzerland and to all collaborators, visitors and readers of AWS with a Special extra (only in Italian, for the moment). He won't be too often there, for about one month. Tαξίδι, ζωή του!
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/9/5 - 02:22
A most important song, for what it says, for the names and facts it tells. It is La memoria (Memory) by León Gieco. A title resuming and enclosing the very essence of our site. The page includes extensive Notes by Alessandro (for the moment available only in Italian).
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/28 - 02:15
Our new, difficult, painstaking Song Itinerary on Northern Ireland. Still under construction with new songs being added. From Bloody Sunday to peace hopes through Bobby Sands.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/21 - 16:59
August 18, 2006: an historical date for AWS. Contribution of David Rovics' songs is finally over, a record hardly to be beaten by any single author. The songs will be gradually translated into Italian. Thank you David for all you've done and you will do further!
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/18 - 17:56
Patti Smith's new song on the Qana massacre of July 29, 2006. Mp3 free download.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/14 - 17:22
Latest AWS news: the new song itinerary on Tlatelolco massacre and the repression in Mexico, 1968 and the page on La Varsovienne/ Warszawianka/ A las barricadas with historical notes and mp3 downloads.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/8 - 11:34
Today is the birthday of our gracious & delicious webmaster, Lorenzo Masetti. So, Lorenzo, HUNDREDS OF DAYS LIKE THIS (well, please, enter the 100 days in the monthly stats by a highly refined Linux process and by Boolean calculation – ‘know the heck what it means, but no matter!) and WE LOVE YOU!
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/7 - 17:07
Agosto. August 4, 1974: Italicus Train. August 2, 1980: Bologna Railway Station. The killers are always free. They're called Fascists. They're called State.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/8/2 - 22:01
Today is the fifth anniversary of G8 summit in Genoa where Carlo Giuliani was murdered. We want to remember with a giullarata (without happy ending) by Giulio Cavalli and with a Litany for Genoa.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/7/20 - 15:12
It's war in Middle East. It's war, and it must be called with its name. With its cursed name. Those who pay for it are always and only civilians. What can we do? A song? Another one? We don't know. But let's stop it, anyway.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/7/14 - 23:41
Juny 1969. The revolt of Sardinian shepherds and peasants against the installation of a firing ground and pasture militarization: Pratobello.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/7/12 - 14:08
With the Italian version of Maxime Le Forestier's Je m'en fous de la France, also the versions/commentaries reach number 4000. By accident, this coincides with the finale of the Soccer World Championship. Nous nous en foutons de la France, de l'Italie et de toutes les "patries".
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/7/11 - 00:26
Le Déserteur has since today its Arabic version.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/7/9 - 00:18
The AWS nr 4000. As usual, we have chosen for this event a text of different nature: this time, two letters by Tiziano Terzani. But we don't want to forget that, by mere coincidence, the date on which our website reaches 4000 texts, June 27, 2006, is also the 26th anniversary of the Ustica massacre.

Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/27 - 16:32
Alan Stivell retakes his long lost, great social and civil engagement with an extraordinary multilingual song, They from his most recent album, "Explore" (2006).
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/24 - 22:58
Invisible Sun by the Police is the 500th AWS available for free download in the special song itinerary. Approaching AWS nr 4000, another important aim is reached. We'd like to dedicate all this to Alessandro, our "MP3 Catcher".
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/23 - 12:13
A new language is always an event for AWS. So, our welcome to Slovak, also the 60th language of song lyrics available, with the song Hey hey zlato by Elán.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/20 - 14:47
"To conquer the trench, Savoia!, we avance!"; this used to sing thousands of young men sent to death in Fuoco e mitragliatrici. The name of what kind of dirty types they used to cry while they died, one can see well now with the legend of the bitch-catching king. Deeply moved, we dedicate him this song.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/17 - 17:17
The non-stop program organized by AntiWar Songs/CCG and Radio Dissident, including 25 songs from our website, has been definitely successful and will be certainly the first of a long series. We seize the occasion to greet and thank incomparable Mario "MTMS" of Radio Dissident! Here is the playlist (in Italian).
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/11 - 11:54
After restyling of the Déserteur and Bella Ciao pages, the "Works" signal is now transferred to Masters Of War and to Il canto sospeso.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/8 - 01:04
A new song itinerary on the Paris Commune.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/6/3 - 21:10
"Hurra! Hurra! for the parade of the democratic republic / hurra! hurra! for the exhibition of the low cost death", these words were written by Riccardo Venturi four years ago in his own personal language and were then put into music (in Italian) by Paz.
For the umpteenth time on June 2nd we have to attend an "useless carnival" where the Italian Republic, that repudiates war but just in theory, celebrates itself, full of rhetoric and militarism.
So thanks to Riccardo for this song but especially for everything he did for this website and for us.

Adriana and Lorenzo.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/6/2 - 09:31
The Police repression song itinerary. Never to forget.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/5/26 - 21:08
AntiWar Songs, together with Radio Dissident and, probably, Radio(H)acktive are preparing a non-stop emission including 25 songs from our website's repertory. The exact emission date will be communicated in short time.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/5/10 - 20:54
His name is Rémy Bossut. He writes songs and publishes them on his blog; one of them is called just like the first AWS: Le Déserteur. Rémy Bossut is the author number 1500 of our site.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/5/5 - 08:07
Τραγούδι Σωτήρη Πέτρουλα [Canzone per Sotiris Petrulas] ("A song for Sotiris Petrulas"). An almost forgotten song by Mikis Theodorakis, then translated into Italian by Anton Virgilio Savona, on the murder of a Greek student by the police in 1965. The story of the terrible coincidences with Carlo Giuliani's assassination.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/5/3 - 02:02
ADMIN NOTICE..We urgently need translators from Czech, or, anyway, someone who knows enough the Czech language to translate songs into English or Italian. We promise you no money nor glory, but only the possibility to do something. AWS Staff.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/28 - 17:07
Chernobyl, Чернобыль in Russian, Чopнобиль in Ukrainian. April 26, 1986. Five thousand Hiroshimas. In 1996, Pippo Pollina wrote Chernobyl dieci anni dopo. (Chernobyl ten years later). Twenty years later, just today. Nuke is war and destruction. Let's stop it. Forever.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/26 - 21:13
Ringhera and Quaranta giorni di libertà: two songs to be listened again to, and to be read today, April 25, Anniversary of Italy's Liberation from murderous Fascism and from its war. No revisionism. No indulgence.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/25 - 11:21
原爆許すまじ [No More Atomic Bombs] or Hiroshima Song: the...incredible story of a difficult contribution and of a great teamwork by AWS staff and contributors. And a great song available for download, too.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/20 - 18:22
Oggi è il decimo anniversario della strage di Eldorado dos Carajás, cui è dedicata la stupenda canzone dei Paz. E domani è il compleanno di Edi Morello, cui facciamo tutti i nostri migliori auguri da amici e compagni. Un abbraccio, Edi, con la speranza che i Paz mai più abbiano a dedicare canzoni, per quanto belle, a episodi del genere.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/17 - 10:45
With the Finnish version, Le Déserteur reaches 40 languages while total restyling of the page is still going on.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/4/6 - 11:40
A new song itinerary NO HIGH SPEED TRAIN has been created on the anti-HST struggle in Susa Valley (Piedmont, Italy) and on police repression of the movement opposing high speed train.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/29 - 11:23
Quaranta giorni di libertà (Forty Days' Freedom) by Anna Identici: the recovery of memory and of a splendid Italian song. An English translation will soon be provided.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/27 - 15:36
The Page on the Internationale has been totally restyled, enlarged (also with new versions!) and illustrated. It's now the turn of the page on Le Déserteur.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/24 - 17:32
March 20 has been the third anniversary of the Iraqi war. And also of this website, that has been online since the same night of the US attack on Baghdad. There's nothing to celebrate. Nothing at all. Only one thing against indifference to war and to any war: we have included in the basic songs Sólo le pido a Dios by León Gieco. Sólo le pedimos a Dios que la guerra nunca nos sea indiferente.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/20 - 19:33
Another forgotten basic AWS finds finally its right place in our collection. One of the most famous songs from the 60s, Child In Time by Deep Purple.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/15 - 21:56
A basic song page has been totally restyled, Where Have all the Flowers Gone. There's an exact reason for all this, but we won't say why for the moment.
In the meanwhile new translations have been included, into Kelartic, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Finnish and Icelandic.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/3/3 - 15:01
AWS nr 3500 has been decerned to be a special, splendid song, Arriba quemando el sol, o Y arriba quemando el sol by the great Chilean folksinger Violeta Parra. No doubt, it is not what is generally meant for an "antiwar song". Nevertheless, it finds its right place in our collection.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/2/18 - 23:50
A masterpiece song in Arabic from Kelebek blog: وقف الطفل وحده و الليالي by Ahmed Bukhatir, also available for download.A splendid, yet tragic song.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/2/14 - 15:19
Zolletta, a song by Alessio Lega for Enzo Baldoni. Enzo
was the Italian translator of Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury". "Zolletta" is the Italian name of Honey Huan.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/2/8 - 14:35
An amazing gift from Beppe "Jaka" Giacalone to the Antiwar Songs website and to its users: since today you can download from our website Senti Senti and Nessun dubbio, two peace and love songs. Thanks Jaka. One Love!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/2/5 - 10:59
Άσμα ασμάτων ("Song of Songs"), Ο Αντώνης ("Andonis"), 'Αμα τελειώσει ο πόλεμος ("When the War is over") and Ο δραπέτης ("The Fugitive"): the four songs composing the "Mauthausen Trilogy" by the great Greek poet and dramaturgist Iakovos Kambanellis, set to music by Mikis Theodorakis and performed by artists such as Maria Farandouri. No doubt one of the most important AWS contributions for 2006, which we invite you to read on today's World Memorial Day of Auschwitz and of the other extermination camps.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/1/27 - 10:47
The first song on Chechenian wars in AWS website: Баллада о Чечне (A Ballad about Chechenia) by Ljudmila Bondar'. A specially dedicated song itinerary has also been established.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/1/13 - 11:10
Le Déserteur translated into ancient Greek by Riccardo Venturi: an absolute première for our AWS website, intended as a tribute to the culture and language of classical Greece.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2006/1/10 - 20:22
A new, and large, AWS song itinerary, including songs dealing the story of the Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, unjustly sentenced to electrocution for a crime they had not committed.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/1/6 - 15:16
Another important AWS contribution in the field of classical music: the War Requiem by Benjamin Britten, a symphonic mass partly based on Wilfred Owen's antiwar poems which Britten composed for the reconsecration of Coventry cathedral destroyed by air bombing raids during WW2. The text is being entered with a special arrangement due to its particular nature.
Riccardo Venturi, 2006/1/4 - 01:38
The play list and some audio fragments from the transmission at Controradio (in Italian).
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/12/22 - 23:17
In the morning of Thursday December 22nd we will be hosted by the independent radio station Controradio in Florence to talk about our website and about some antiwar songs. If you don't live in Tuscany you can listen to the radio via streaming.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/12/19 - 21:31
Today, 12 December, is the 36th anniversary of the Piazza Fontana massacre. The "State massacre" which initiated the so-called "tension strategy" in Italy. We invite all to read (and sing) the songs included in the specially dedicated song itinerary. We never forget.

Riccardo Venturi, 2005/12/12 - 18:41
Renaud writes to AWS.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/12/10 - 12:50
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too.
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
(John Lennon, October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/12/8 - 10:07
AWS website presents the entire song cycle on the story of Guillaume Seznec, from the album "Portraits" (1995) by Tri Yann. The Italian translation is the very first in any language, but an English translation will be soon provided.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/12/4 - 23:07
A new language is always an important event for AWS. So, we bid our warm welcome to Finnish with three splendid antiwar ballads by Tarujen Saari: Kerskaava Kuningas, Kunnon Mies and Viimeinen Suudelma (a free Finnish version of Pierre de Grenoble by Malicorne). **--** With an Italian Version of a Danish song, En enkel sang om frihed by Eddie Skoller, AWS reach translation/commentary nr 3000.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/12/2 - 20:44
If you want to help us with the translations (there's a lot of work to do and we can't manage it all by ourselves) it's now possible to search the songs that have not been translated into some language. Just insert the languages you know to easily find a song you can translate. Thanks!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/11/27 - 15:25
We're back online after a couple of days, due to the system attack launched by some 'good boy' which obliged us to stop our website in order to avoid server overload. We apologize all for this unwelcome occurrence.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/11/26 - 20:58
Our page dedicated to Björn Afzelius, the outstanding Swedish folksinger deceased in 1997, has been remarkably enlarged with new songs and translations. Don't miss it! * Sidan om Björn Afzelius, den utmärkte svenske trubaduren och musikspelaren bortgången 1997, har betydligt utvidgats med nya sånger och översättningar.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/11/19 - 22:44
November 16, 2005: AWS reach number 3000 with a true, and superlative, song by Mike Harding. Something incredible who came to pass on Christmas' Eve, 1914, in a trench, between the English and German "enemies".
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/11/16 - 02:05
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/11/16 - 01:42
Strange Fruit, the dramatic song by Billy Holiday condemning the lynching of African Americans in Southern United States. "Strange fruit" are the bodies of African American men hanged during a lynching.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/11/10 - 11:45
Special thanks to Alessandro for his most precious contribution to our site: mp3 search. Really, an invaluable contribution (see relevant song itinerary).
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/11/2 - 14:20
Dans la jungle by Renaud: a song for the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt, the ex candidate for Columbia's presidency kidnapped over 3 years ago by the FARC. With this song, the AWS website joins the international move for her liberation. The original French song and a Spanish version by Daniel Melingo are now available and free for download.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/10/28 - 02:41
Massimo Bubola's most recent album, "Quel lungo treno" (That Long Train) is wholly concerned with World War I. You can start to read some lyrics from the first song in the tracklist, Jack O'Leary. It also includes a number of folksong from Veneto, two of which were not yet included in our collection, Adio Ronco and Ponte de Priula. The album is also provided with a booklet including English translations of all the songs, by Tim Parks, that are now available in our website.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/10/24 - 12:54
Contributors and collaborators are strongly recommended not to write anything (author's name, song titles or lyrics) in capital letters. This would cause problems, f.ex. by creating doubles. Thank you!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/10/23 - 19:49
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/10/23 - 01:26
Most dangerous terrorists! That's just what the Raging Grannies are held by NY Police Dept. This is a group of elderly ladies moving against the Iraqi war. On yesterday's demonstration in Times Square, well armed with ambulatories and crutches, they wanted to...enlist instead of their grandchildren. 18 of them were stopped by zealous policemen, and then formally arrested, handcuffed and put into prison vans. The youngest is 49, the oldest 90 years old. No comment. We're glad to have a "Raging Grannie" in our collection, Vicki Ryder.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/10/18 - 15:26
Each song is now classified by language. Searching is now possible by language (and dialect), and you can select the language for all new songs you are contributing!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/10/14 - 00:03
Complainte du partisan, the song of the French Resistance that later became Leonard Cohen's The Partisan. The history of the not so faithful version sung by Leoonard Cohen. There is also an Italian version of The Partisan, sung by Daiano in 1974
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/10/3 - 00:56
Making blunders is often bound to occur; so, the old Romanized version of the Hebrew version of Le Déserteur was completely wrong. A correct Romanized version has just been included!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/10/1 - 01:17
The Vladimir Vysotskij section is currently being revised and enlarged.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/24 - 12:42
Simon Wiesenthal died today. We'd like to dedicate him Auschwitz, o Canzone del bambino nel vento.
תודח רבה ושלום, שימון.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/20 - 12:58
An extraordinary and sad document in our AWS collection: the lyrics of שיר לשלום (Shir Lashalom, "A Song For Peace"), by Yankale Rotblit. This is the famous song, composed in 1969, that the Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin had sung on the great peace demonstration of November 4, 1995, in Tel Aviv. A few minutes later he was shot dead by a fanatic right-wing extremist, Yigal Amir, who buried this way the peace process for at least a decade. The sheet of paper with the printed lyrics of the song was found in the in the inner pocket of Rabin's jacket, perforated by the deadly bullet and drenched in his blood.

Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/17 - 23:52
The "first time" of an Eskimo language in the AWS: the Aleut version of Le Déserteur.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/15 - 10:42
"3000 some poems disguised as people on an almost too perfect day, should be more than pawns in some asshole's passion play. So now it's your job and it's my job to make it that way, to make sure they didn't die in vain" (Ani Di Franco)
September 11, 2005: We still believe that it's our job, and your job, to build a world without terrorism. without coups d'etat, without wars.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/9/11 - 12:14
We've just learnt the news of Sergio Endrigo's death in Rome. He was 72. Farewell, Sergio, and thank you for all what you gave to us.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/7 - 21:19
La guerra di Piero by Fabrizio de André in Japanese and Chinese. The translators, Ms Satsuo Tsemisaburo and Ms Chang Tsin Lie, are planning other translations in their native languages.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/9/3 - 18:58
The section dedicated to the classic album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd is now complete. You can find an introduction to the album in Another Brick In The Wall Part I.
Obviously, due to the topic of this website, we focused on the "first brick in the wall", the first tragic experience which leaves its mark on the protagonist's life: his father's death in Anzio during World War II (an autobiographical reference for Roger Waters who some years before had written Us And Them, related to the same underlying story)
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/8/29 - 22:05
A new itinerary collects the songs dedicated to Rachel Corrie, the young American pacifist who was killed on March 16, 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer in the Gaza Strip.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/8/25 - 21:17
Now also Le Déserteur has its Latin version!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/24 - 17:33
Con Doctor, My Eyes di Jackson Browne, le CCG raggiungono quota 2500 e danno già da adesso appuntamento...alla n° 3000!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/24 - 00:04
The German version of Le Déserteur by Wolf Biermann has been finally entered into AWS. We invite you to read the introduction to this Version, and the somewhat...surprising way it has been transcribed.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/21 - 16:28
A wonderful poem by Umberto Saba, Teatro degli Artigianelli, set to music and performed in the early 60's by the Leghornese folksinger Desiderio Rainelli, allows AWS/CCG to reach the Author nr 1000 entered into the database collection.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/19 - 22:17
The Phil Ochs page is being restyled and reshaped, also with inclusion of new songs, translations and commentaries.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/10 - 10:42
Today, 9 August, 2005, is the 60th anniversary of the second atomic bombing on Nagasaki. Sixty years of nuclear terror we want to remember with a special, new Song Itinerary on Hiroshima and Nagasaki including all AWS’s on this sad, crucial event in the history of mankind. The new song itinerary also includes, exceptionally, the Peace Declaration delivered by the Mayor of Hiroshima in 2004.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/8/9 - 10:09
The 9-11 Song Itinerary includes now the first "Letter Against the War" by Tiziano Terzani.
Tiziano Terzani "left his body", as he loved to say, just a few days earlier than one year ago, on July 28, 2004.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/8/3 - 23:46
In the sphere of the new Song Itinerary Page on the State Massacres in Italy 1969-1993, we invite you to read the page on La ballata del Pinelli [Ballata dell'anarchico Pinelli, o Il feroce questore Guida], which has been totally reshaped and restyled, and attributed to Different Authors.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/7/30 - 17:00
Four years after 20 July 2001, we invite you to read and sing the songs about G8 in Genoa, police repression and Carlo Giuliani and particularly Dall'ultima galleria by Alessio Lega.
Two websites you can visit to learn more: Piazza Carlo Giuliani Committee and the parallel inquire about Carlo's death.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/7/20 - 09:51
Not only songs! A contemporary music work by Luigi Nono, Il canto sospeso, based on the letters of members of the European Resistance movement who were condemned to death.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/7/11 - 11:13
Riccardo Venturi is going on holiday and says you all goodbye with the Internationale in Latin. See you soon! Or rather: Avete atque valete, amici et sodales!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/7/4 - 17:23
A version of Le Déserteur never found before: in Turkish.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/7/2 - 02:15
Many thanks to Mario Frasca and Saida for having sent us a transcription of the Arabic verse of Sidùn by Fabrizio De André as played by Mauro Pagani and sung in Arabic and Hebrew.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/6/30 - 10:15
After the AWS have reached 2000 songs past 16th June, today 29th June also the post of 2000 translations, versions and commentaries is reached with the Chinese version of Psalm 137 belonging to the Cantate pour la Paix. Thanks to you all!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/29 - 16:47
Today, 27 June, 2005, is the 25th anniversary of the Ustica disaster, maybe the most shameless act of Italian Air Force. We want to remember it with Disastro aereo sul canale di Sicilia by Francesco de Gregori. Though this song was written 4 years before the Ustica disaster, it seems incredibly to foretell it
in every detail.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/27 - 21:42
Probably the first Italian version ever done of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant Massacree. Don't miss it!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/25 - 19:33
All Basic Songs pages and the Internationale page are being restyled, and new features have been added. See Le Déserteur, La guerra di Piero, Auschwitz, o Canzone del bambino nel vento, Masters Of War and Where Have all the Flowers Gone.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/24 - 20:04
Lello Vitello ha esaudito la nostra richiesta ed ha interpretato su un'aria Branduardiana Rasponi per la pace, libera traduzione di The 10 Days of Wanking!! Assolutamente da scaricare per farsi qualche risata...
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/6/20 - 00:36
2000 Antiwar Songs.
We celebrate it with Ernst Friedrich's foreword to his book "War against War". But also read Willem Vermandere's most beautiful lyrics, particularly Vladslo.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/18 - 00:20
Though with some hours' delay, happy birthday to Francesco Guccini, born on June 14th, 1940.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/14 - 22:31
The AWS allow themselves some good laugh: read the songs by Masturbate for Peace :-)
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/12 - 23:01
L'Internationale: Probably the most complete page in the world on the workers' world hymn, which also has a strong antimilitarist element. The page contains up to now over 100 versions and translations.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/9 - 20:58
Not only songs, but also masterworks of classical music and poetry against war and for universal peace: Friedrich Schiller's Ode an die Freude, set to music by Ludwig van Beethoven ("de iure" a basic song), and A Survivor from Warsaw by Arnold Schönberg. Don't miss them!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/7 - 21:59
The Italian translation of Franz-Josef Degenhardt's songs is almost at hand. An English translation will be available as soon as possible.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/3 - 10:21
"At the Army Parade / He spit in an innocent's eyes / and when he asked why / he answered: this is nothing...". With these verses by Fabrizio de André we want to "celebrate" the Italian national holiday of 2.June and its stupid and useless operetta parade of militarism. (LM & RV)
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/6/2 - 11:57
All collaborators are adviced NOT TO SEND SONG TITLES WITHOUT LYRICS. All songs MUST be provided with lyrics. Thank you!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/25 - 18:00
Today it's the 90th anniversary of Italy's entrance into the "useless slaughter" of World War I. We invite you to read (and sing) O Gorizia, tu sei maledetta, Il 24 maggio 1915 and Mio nonno partì per l'Ortigara by Chiara Riondino. An English translation is being prepared for these three songs.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/24 - 13:51
Sometimes it happens to forget a basic song, and to enter it into our database with unforgiven delay: that's just what we're doing with Guantanamera.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/22 - 11:12
The page on Francesco Guccini's Auschwitz, o Canzone del bambino nel vento has been totally renewed. The existing translations have been thoroughly revised, and new translations have been added. The song is now included in the "Basic Songs".
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/16 - 16:05
An unusual Hebrew version of Fabrizio de André's Andrea. A literal translation of this version has been provided.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/15 - 21:09
Special THANKS to Adriana for her precious collaboration!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/14 - 19:49
La guerra di Piero in Hebrew with a Latin transliteration. See also the commentary.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/12 - 11:45
Our page on Le Déserteur gets a link in Wikipedia's English and Italian edition.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/7 - 21:32
AWS adiministrators are glad to contribute the database collection of antiwar songs with the outstanding The Accrington Pals by Mike Harding.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/5/6 - 22:52
Another commentary which makes us special pleasure.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/4/28 - 14:13
Le Déserteur has now its Korean version, found by Lorenzo Masetti in a Brassens website. From the same website, a lot of korean translations of songs by Georges Brassens.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/4/16 - 12:14
Of course, we don't know if it's authentic; but, if so, this commentary fills us with special pleasure.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/4/14 - 02:45
A specially difficult, new French version of Fabrizio de André's Khorakhané (A forza di essere vento).
It took over 6 months to prepare a metrically correct translation which can be easily sung in French!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/4/12 - 18:45
Fin Alfred Larsen's Danish pacifist folksongs are finally provided with an Italian translation, but an English translation is also in progress.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/4/9 - 16:52
Tre nuove versioni croate di Monia (con relative trascrizioni serbe) di canzoni per le quali la traduzione in queste lingue ha un significato particolare: Cupe Vampe dei CSI, Khorakhané (A forza di essere vento) di Fabrizio De André e Rom Tiriac Rom (Tor de' Cenci) di Ivan Della Mea.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/4/5 - 15:26
A very important antiwar song by Léo Ferré drawn from Arthur Rimbaud's most celebrated poem Le dormeur du val, also echoed by Fabrizio de André's "Peter's War".
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/29 - 19:44
Don't miss a new realistic and heartfelt translation of Bob Dylan's Masters of War into the Leghorn dialect!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/28 - 19:33
Ben quattro canzoni contro la guerra nel nuovo album di Francesco De Gregori, "Pezzi": Numeri da scaricare, Gambadilegno a Parigi, Il panorama di Betlemme e Il vestito del violinista. Grazie ad Antonio Piccolo che ci ha inviato i testi.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/3/26 - 19:28
Con colpevolissimo ritardo di inserimento, una "new entry" che rientra però al primo colpo tra canzoni fondamentali: Lili Marleen, seguita da innumerevoli traduzioni.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/25 - 19:28
Le Canzoni contro la Guerra raggiungono quota 1500. Lo fanno con il primo canto nativo americano presente nella raccolta, Tooygapyu yuntle soyra.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/21 - 00:07
Una raccomandazione per chiunque invii canzoni: controllate sempre che non siano già presenti, anche come versioni italiane! E' il caso ad esempio di due versioni di Gianfranco Manfredi inviate da Adriana, che erano già nel database come sotto i rispettivi autori (i Dire Straits per Brothers in Arms, ovvero Fratelli di guerra e Dougie McLean per War, tradotta da Manfredi come Che ci hanno fatto?). Fate attenzione!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/20 - 17:26
A due anni dall'invasione dell'Iraq (che sono due anni anche dalla nascita di questo sito, anche se non è certo una ricorrenza da festeggiare), domani 19 marzo sarà una giornata di mobilitazione a Roma e in tutto il mondo. Per informazioni rimandiamo al sito del comitato promotore della manifestazione.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/3/18 - 19:33
Una delle "canzoni fondamentali", La guerra di Piero di Fabrizio de André, ha da oggi una versione in lingua albanese, "Lufta e Pirros" pienamente cantabile a cura del bravissimo Alvin Ekmekolu. Si vedano anche tre nuove versioni: quella croata, di Monia Verardi, quella serba e quella svedese.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/17 - 23:52
I liceali israeliani disertano e si alleano ai "Refuseniks" nel rifiuto di combattere contro i palestinesi. Leggere la notizia (di Stefania Podda) riportata a commento de Le Déserteur di Boris Vian.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/15 - 13:24
Una ballata di Franco Trincale, il cantastorie siciliano, sulla morte di Nicola Calipari, il liberatore di Giuliana Sgrena. Si intitola L'errore.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/14 - 07:04
Riprende la trascrizione e la traduzione del Quaderno del soldato Hector Mandrillon, iniziata qualche tempo fa. Si tratta, come detto, di un documento di eccezionale valore, forse assolutamente unico, di canzoni antimilitariste annotate da un soldato francese oltre un secolo fa.
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/8 - 14:19
Solo per annunciare che Riccardo Venturi è "di nuovo su queste onde", pronto a tornare ad occuparsi del sito, con tante novità. A presto!
Riccardo Venturi, 2005/3/7 - 16:47
A new group: the list of legally downloadable songs.
Now you will be able to listen to some antiwar songs and not only to read the lyrics!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/2/9 - 23:15
Oggi è il sessantesimo anniversario della liberazione di Auschwitz.
Lo ricordiamo con le parole di Silvia a proposito della canzone di Guccini che ci riporopone ancora oggi la stessa domanda: «Io chiedo quando sarà / Che l'uomo potrà imparare / A vivere senza ammazzare / E il vento si poserà»
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/1/27 - 21:13
Primo estratto della trasmissione dedicata alle canzoni contro la guerra su Controradio. Abbiamo la presentazione di Fagioli 'olle 'otenne fatta in quell'occasione da Riccardo.
Purtroppo nella registrazione digitale non c'è la versione in livornese di Born in the U.S.A. che cercheremo di recuperare da audiocassetta.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2005/1/20 - 22:15
Grande soddisfazione per la trasmissione dedicata alle Canzoni contro la guerra su Controradio.
Sono on line una foto e la scaletta, presto pubblicheremo anche alcuni estratti dalla trasmissione.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/12/23 - 20:24

Attenzione, attenzione: giovedì 23 dicembre 2004 alle 16:30 uno speciale sulle canzoni contro la guerra, condotto da Riccardo Venturi e Lorenzo Masetti sull'emittente fiorentina Controradio (93.6 Mhz per Firenze - Prato - Pistoia, 98.9 MHz per Pisa - Lucca - Livorno). Fuori dalla Toscana Controradio può essere ascoltata in streaming
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/12/20 - 12:36
Ringrazio "Lele de Casanöv", che ci sta inviando delle bellissime traduzioni nel dialetto brianzolo di Casatenovo. Vi ricordo che le traduzioni, anche in dialetto, sono sempre benvenute!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/12/11 - 14:39
Un avviso personale e un saluto da parte di Riccardo Venturi. Leggere il guestbook.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/12/2 - 19:27

Un calorosissimo benvenuto ai Muvrini e alle loro bellissime canzoni di pace e di tolleranza dalla Corsica.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/30 - 14:39
Un nuovo percorso dedicato a un altro 11 settembre. Quello del 1973, anno del colpo di stato fascista del generale Pinochet contro il governo democraticamente eletto del socialista Salvador Allende.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/29 - 17:44
Le Déserteur si arricchisce anche della versione in lingua ceca, di quella in lingua persiana di Ebzyan Devaneh e di quella nel dialetto ch'ti del Nord-Pas de Calais.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/27 - 13:57
We have the first chinese translation in this site.
It's a chinese version of "Le Déserteur". Thank you, Ting!!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/24 - 21:21
Una giustamente indignata canzone antimilitarista di Jean Ferrat, Pauvre Boris dedicata a Boris Vian e alla moda de Le Déserteur, canzone proibita per anni e riscoperta nel 1966. Totalmente rifatta anche la sezione dedicata a Vian, con nuove canzoni e versioni in varie lingue.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/20 - 13:06
Leggete l'incredibile e tragica storia narrata nella canzone dei Tri Yann Kerfank 1870, che parla dei soldati bretoni tenuti prigionieri nel lager di Conlie durante la guerra franco-prussiana. Una canzone che fa davvero meditare. La sezione dedicata ai Tri Yann è stata del tutto ristrutturata, con l'aggiunta di nuove canzoni e versioni.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/19 - 03:29
Vorrei ringraziare José Colaço Barreiros per averci inviato molte canzoni portoghesi, alcune con parole composte da grandi poeti (come Fernando Pessoa o Sophia Andresen). Penso che Riccardo provvederà presto alle traduzioni (vero?*)
Grazie anche per la versão um tanto livre del Déserteur.
*Riccardo ha già provveduto.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/17 - 18:07
A new layout for the homepage, based on CSS stylesheets. No more tables!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/15 - 16:05
Dal pomeriggio di oggi una grande novità: la nuova organizzazione dei percorsi tra le canzoni. Nella nuova pagina dei percorsi per argomento si possono vedere alcuni argomenti che legano più canzoni. Se una canzone fa parte di un gruppo, viene segnalato nella pagina della canzone e si possono andare a vedere le altre canzoni nello stesso gruppo.
Naturalmente contiamo di aggiungere presto nuovi percorsi, tra quelli nuovi aggiunti oggi vi segnalo il percorso dei papaveri, caro a Riccardo.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/14 - 19:17
Altra novità speriamo molto gradita: è in preparazione una lista di tutte le "CCG" liberamente scaricabili in formato .mp3 o .OGG Vorbis, con i relativi links per ognuna di esse. La lista sarà disponibile a giorni.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/14 - 12:02
Alcune novità tecniche. L'RSS feed, che permette di aggiungere un segnalbro dinamico alle ultime 10 canzoni inserite. E l'indicazione delle data in cui è stata inserita ogni canzone. Purtroppo questo funzionerà solo per le canzoni aggiunte da ora in avanti, perché per le canzoni vecchie questa informazione non è stata salvata.

Il browser migliore per usare gli RSS è Firefox, che si può scaricare gratuitamente dal sito, ed è software libero. Usando Firefox, vi comparirà un simbolo arancione in basso a destra. Cliccandoci sopra potete aggiungere l'RSS ai segnalibri ed essere sempre informati delle ultime novità tra le Canzoni contro la guerra.
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/11/13 - 15:50
Molti frequentatori del sito si saranno chiesti: Ma un po' di mp3? Stiamo cercando di ovviare qua e là. Intanto un sito imprescindibile, contenente moltissime delle "CCG" liberamente scaricabili nei formati .mp3 e .OGG (convertibile con Goldwave): archivio di canzoni di lotta e movimento in formati liberati e liberanti.
Da sottolineare che il formato ogg è completamente libero e non ha i problemi di licenza che affliggono il più comune formato mp3. Tale sito verrà al più presto inserito tra i link fissi.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/11 - 17:25
Dopo le 1000 canzoni, oggi 10 novembre 2004 le "CCG" raggiungono un altro significativo traguardo: i 500 autori differenti. L'onore tocca, e ne siamo lieti, a Silvio Marata, un cantore popolare dell'Appennino bolognese, con un canto sull'otto settembre 1943.

Lorenzo e Riccardo.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/10 - 17:55
In via di rapida e totale ristrutturazione anche la sezione dedicata a Bob Dylan, con l'aggiunta soprattutto di nuove versioni in varie lingue. Da segnalare una prima assoluta: la versione giapponese di "Blowin' in the Wind", nonché la versione svedese di "Masters of war".
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/9 - 14:28
Totalmente rifatta anche la sezione dedicata a Fabrizio de André: inserita una biografia completa in italiano, una nuova canzone (scoprite quale!), nuove traduzioni (tra le quali quella in inglese della "Guerra di Piero" , una prima in assoluto, e una nuova versione portoghese della medesima canzone) e nuove e più ampie introduzioni a tutte le canzoni.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/8 - 17:03
Continua la ristrutturazione totale di alcune pagine fondamentali: è il momento del portoghese José "Zeca" Afonso, uno degli autori più importanti della nostra raccolta. Inserita una nuova e completa biografia dell'autore, tre nuove canzoni, nuove traduzioni e l'incredibile storia di "Grândola vila morena", la sua canzone più celebre che diede l'avvio alla "Rivoluzione dei Garofani" del 25 aprile 1974. E' adesso possibile anche scaricare la canzone in mp3.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/8 - 01:29
Continuando a...festeggiare il traguardo, oramai superato, delle 1000 "CCG", è in corso una ristrutturazione profonda dedicata ad una delle "canzoni fondamentali", "Where Have all the Flowers Gone". Aggiunte notizie sulla canzone (la cui versione tedesca è stata lanciata da Marlene Dietrich!), una biografia completa di Pete Seeger e...l'attribuzione a quest'ultimo di "We Shall Overcome", da tutti creduta anonima!
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/6 - 01:16
Sembrava quasi un'utopia: arrivare a mille canzoni contro la guerra. E invece, oggi, grazie alle decine di persone che, a partire dal febbraio del 2003, hanno prima raccolto testi su testi su newsgroup e mailing list e poi inserito direttamente le canzoni sul sito, ci siamo arrivati.
Non certamente per autocelebrarci, perché proprio non è il caso e non siamo certamente "i tipi"; ma solo perché la riteniamo una cosa importante.
Così come è importante che questo sito sia oramai divenuto un punto di riferimento a livello mondiale. Chi cerca una Canzone contro la guerra, per utilizzarla nella lotta contro ogni tipo di conflitto, di militarismo, di imperialismo e di sfruttamento dell'uomo sull'uomo, viene qui da noi. E noi saremo sempre pronti ad offrirgliene di nuove, sperando con tante altre novità.

Ma, per "festeggiare" adeguatamente la millesima canzone...non abbiamo scelto una canzone, ma quella che probabilmente è la più bella poesia contro la guerra mai scritta in ogni epoca, "Explico Algunas Cosas" di Pablo Neruda. Crediamo che, anche se nessuno ha mai messo in musica questo testo (almeno a quanto ne sappiamo), esso non possa e non debba mancare in una raccolta di questo genere e di questa ampiezza. Lo inseriamo quindi dandogli il rilievo che merita, e dando appuntamento alla canzone numero 2000.

Lorenzo Masetti e Riccardo Venturi.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/4 - 19:48
Penso che al "Generale" piaceranno le versioni in americanaccio che ho fatto delle sue canzoni "Quanto mi sei piaciuta Firenze" e "Operazione: tempesta sul pianeta", che vogliono essere atti di resistenza in questi giorni in cui la guerra segna, se mai ce ne fosse ulteriore bisogno, un altro punto a suo favore con la rielezione di George W. Bush. Uno stimolo a andare avanti, a non cedere mai. E noi lo facciamo direttamente nella lingua del dominatore, così non potrà mai dire che non capisca, dedicandole anche alle tante e tante persone che, negli USA, ancora non vogliono cedere. Malgrado tutto.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/11/3 - 18:20
La prima canzone palestinese in raccolta, di Alā' Zalzalli (di Ramallah). Nel testo arabo-palestinese traslitterato e nella traduzione italiana, inglese, francese e olandese. Il titolo è assai significativo: "Nahna meš erhabīn", cioè "Non siamo terroristi".
La canzone è preceduta da una lunga introduzione (in italiano e in inglese) che si prega di leggere attentamente.
Riccardo Venturi, 2004/10/30 - 18:49
Segnialiamo la canzone Le soldat de Marsala di Gustave Nadaud (1815-1898). Praticamente una...progenitrice de La guerra di Piero di De André
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/10/30 - 15:50
A new feature of the website: the news!
Lorenzo Masetti, 2004/10/30 - 15:02

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