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Testo e musica di Nicholas Currie vel Momus
Dall'album "The Poison Boyfriend"
Il testo da
The territorial drums a waltz on a loaded gun
Contributed by krzyś Ѡ 2021/6/25 - 19:44

I Was a Maoist Intellectual

Testo e musica di Nicholas Currie vel Momus
Dall'album "Tender Pervert"

Il testo da Song Meanings
I was a Maoist intellectual in the music industry
Contributed by krzyś Ѡ 2021/6/18 - 22:54
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Voir un ami pleurer

« Télérama » - well known French weekly cultural magazine says  :

« … Among the many covers of Jacques Brel [in English] some have had the gift of revealing the essence of the songs of the Belgian artist, sometimes MORE INTENSELY than their original versions... »
(here : Jacques Brel repris en anglais, de Nina Simone à David Bowie)

and one of given examples is « Voir un ami pleurer » ie. “See a friend in tears”, by Nick Currie, alias Momus:

See for an english translation of this song :

Jacques Brel - Voir un ami pleurer traduction en anglais Musixmatch

What do you think about that?
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