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The Letters of Florence Hemphill

Joe Crookston

La canzone nasce da una collaborazione con il National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri; Florence Hemphill fu una crocerossina che servì durante la prima guerra mondiale, e nel museo sono raccolte circa 100 sue lettere.

With the United States entry into the First World War on April 16, 1917, the demand for nurses was immediate. Only a small cadre of U.S. Army Nurse Corps (ANC) personnel was available, thus the call went out. Florence Edith Hemphill answered. When she left for France in 1918, nurse Hemphill, who had brown hair and gray eyes, and stood fi ve feet, seven inches and weighed 130 pounds, was embarking on the greatest adventure of her life. To share this experience with the folks at home, she wrote letters, many of which survive today.
Born on February 28, 1887, in Wilson County, Florence Hemphill grew up in Chanute, the sixth of nine... (Continues)
I came back home to Wilson County
Contributed by Dq82 2018/1/19 - 11:43
Song Itineraries: World War I (1914-1918)
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Blue Tattoo

Able Baker Charlie & Dog

La canzone è un dialogo tra una madre e una figlia, la madre, Dina Jacobson, è sopravvissuta ad Auschwitz, e racconta della guerra, dell'emigrazione negli Stati Uniti e del suo tatuaggio blu: il numero tatuato sul braccio nei lager nazisti.
La canzone nasce tra l'incontro tra il cantautore Joe Crookston e Dina Jacobson, incontro raccontato anche nel documentario "Blue Tattoo: Dina's Story, Joe's Song."
Yes, my darling
Contributed by Dq82 2018/1/19 - 11:27
Song Itineraries: Extermination camps

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