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Face in the Sand

Album: "Dance Of Death" (2003)

Le tragedie in mondovisione nel mondo occidentale, gli imperi destinati a cadere senza lasciare traccia...

"I remember thinking about the desert sands as an image and how it moves and shifts with time. Specifically what I was thinking was that whatever empires you tend to build – whether they are British, American, Iraqi or whatever, they'll all crumble and fade away into something else. So, to my mind at least, the best thing you can hope for, if you were to leave anything behind, is just an imprint in the sand."

Bruce Dickinson
Everybody's waiting for something to happen
2020/3/4 - 23:01
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Lo boièr

Ora che mi sono ricordato, in questo sito già avevamo una canzone che parlava del massacro dei Catari. Certo, potrà sembrare strano, e un po' ardito, passare ex abrupto da questo canto allo heavy metal, però la canzone è degli Iron Maiden e si chiama inequivocabilmente Montségur. Ho come una mezza idea che metterò un po' mano a quella pagina.
Riccardo Venturi 2012/1/6 - 00:39
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These Colours Don't Run


These Colours Don't Run, frase che fu pronunciata da Bruce Dickinson durante l'ozzfest dell'anno precedente, è il secondo brano di "A Matter of Life and Death" il quattordicesimo album della band. L'album è stato pubblicato il 28 agosto 2006, (fonte: wikipedia)
It's the same in every country
Contributed by Marino Marinelli 2010/3/26 - 22:24
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For The Greater Good Of God

Lyrics & Music by Steven Harris
Album: A Matter of Life and Death
Are you a man of peace or a man of holy war?
Contributed by giorgio 2010/3/7 - 08:29
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Gods Of War

Album: Balls To Picasso

dal secondo album solista del cantante degli Iron Maiden
When I was younger I thought
Contributed by Marcia 2008/7/10 - 09:53

The Longest Day

Album: A Matter of Life and Death - 2006

Una canzone sul "Giorno più lungo", ovvero lo Sbarco in Normandia del 6 giugno 1944; il "D-Day" immortalato in innumerevoli film, ma che non ha molte canzoni che ne parlano.
In the gloom the gathering storm abates
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2006/12/26 - 23:01
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Da / From "No Prayer For The Dying"

A sequel to Maiden's 1984 song Aces High It depicts the battle from another perspective. It was co-written by Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris.
Contains the harshest profanity Iron Maiden has ever used in their song lyrics- the F-word.
Bruce Dickinson: "The title came from a porno movie about anal sex. Then I thought, well I can't write the lyrics about that, so I write it about real tailgunners. I had some words which began 'Trace your way back fifty years, to the glow of Dresden, blood and tears.' I know we shouldn't mention the war but it's about the attitude of bombing people. It was real death in the skies back then. But there aren't any tailgunners on planes anymore, it's all done by computers using missiles. At least it used to be man-on-man, but now it's machine-on-machine. Who uses bullets anymore?"
The first track off the album, it... (Continues)
Trace your way back
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/14 - 15:27

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