A Stones Throw Away

The Style Council
Language: English

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Album: "Our Favourite Shop"
For liberty there is a cost, it’s broken skulls and leather cosh,
From the boys in uniform, now you know whose side their on,
With backing, with blessing, from earthly gods not heaven,
A stones throw away from it all.

Whatever pleasures those who get, from stripping skin with rhino whip,
Are the kind that must be stopped, before their kind take all we’ve got,
With loving, with caring, they take great pride in working,
The stones throw away from it all.

Whenever honesty persists, you’ll hear the snap of broken ribs,
Of anyone who’ll take no more, of the lying bastards roar,
In Chile, in Poland, Johannesburg, South Yorkshire,
A stones throw away… we’re there.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2008/12/10 - 10:47

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