God of War

Rare Bird
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(Rare Bird)

Album: Rare Bird
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This song was the closing track on debut album of the British progressive rock band Rare Bird, LP that also contained Sympathy, their main claim to fame which was a massive hit across Europe, but only made it to No. 27 in the British charts..

The story of the song is just a brief biblical reference to the shepherd boy (the future King David) against Goliath, the Philistine god of war.. even if there were those who wanted to find in it a clear hint to the Vietnam war..

David & Goliath

• Graham Field - organ
• David Kaffinetti - electric piano
• Steve Gould - bass guitar, lead vocals
• Mark Ashton - drums, tympani, backing vocals
God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war

Feel the morning brush my eyes
I now have woken, I see the skies
Shepherd boy comes into sight
He's looking for his dog, his nocturne knight

God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war
God of war

His face is white, his body frail
The shepherd boy has told his tale
He told of love and war and hate
And the shepherd boy
knew his fate

"We saw strange sights in the night
The God of War was hard to fight
Many men have died, they say
at the mercy of Mars...
God of the Dead!"

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