Peaceful People Know

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Rainbow peace song. (Aziz and Shanti band)

Sempre nel filone del movimento "Rainbow Family" (vedi Mother I Feel You) una canzone di pace il cui testo รจ ripreso da un sito che raccoglie le Rainbow Songs, attribuita a una non meglio identificata Aziz and Shanti band. Le foto di questo ritrovo hippie sono di Denis Vejas.

Rainbow Family 1

Rainbow Family 2
Peaceful people know, where they are and why.
Peaceful people love, the earth and the sky.
Peaceful people came, when the Spirit was born.
Peaceful people rise, for the beauty of the morn.

Peaceful people sing, they're one heartsong.
Peaceful people grow, they know their Light is Strong,
Peaceful people share, the power of the World
Peaceful people are the Power of the World.

We are the Peaceful People.
We are the Peaceful People.
We are the Peaceful People.
We are the Peaceful People.

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