Under the Rainbow

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Under The Rainbow

If we think Peace, dream Peace, sing Peace, pray Peace, perhaps the concept will grow large enough for the world to believe that peace is possible. Maybe we could just begin today....

On a sad day of our country dropping bombs on another, my hands at the piano started playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. My heart spoke in words and music that it is not about what is OVER the rainbow, but here UNDER the rainbow, where we must evolve to learn to get along if our children are to have a future. By reversing the octave leap in the melody to begin the song, I offer a melodic tribute to the song composed for The Wizard of Oz

Peace Songbook
Somewhere under the rainbow, I know there is a way
To put all the threats and bombs and terror away
What if all of the children were taught that peace is a way
To put all the guns and land mines and wars away?

What if a Department of Peace had the biggest say?
They could drop books and blankets and grain
We might have wild outbreaks of peace all over the place

What if leaders and generals never sent sons or daughters to war
To take land or water, gold or oil away?
What if all of the money spent for bullets and bombs
Went to AIDS and day care, schools or parks with ponds

What if we all respected everyone else’s picture of God?
What if there was mutual reverence for life, In everybody’s heart?

What if all of the madness for power was locked away,
All the tyrants sent to Time-Out til they learned how to play?

It takes every color to make one complete rainbow
And wisdom from every clan on the Earth for this family to be whole

Somewhere under the rainbow, I know there is a way
To put all the threats and bombs and terror away
Maybe it will take generations to figure it out
But then maybe we could just begin today

Contributed by Dq82 - 2017/6/21 - 22:27

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