Treason Trauma
Language: English (Dubliner)

A song about an unidentified plague - the war actions of evil people. This plague is killing people and ruining lives day by day. The chorus explains how to change the way of thinking into a brand new human condition of disbelief.
People from the world, listen what I say.
A neverending plague is killing our days.
There's something with me and you, that I'll never get.
But you gotta remember baby, God will never forget.
Hey man, you're still in time to run away
Hey man, you're still in time to break the chain
It will take just a minute, then you're always free
Hey man, don't you want to come with me
The huge disease is spreadin', fuckin' up the globe
Freezin' our bleeding hearts, drillin' up our brains
Hey man, you gotta change the way you move
Hey man, just be like you feel your groove
It will take just a moment, then you're always free
Hey man, don't be afraid of me
You gotta catch the flame with pain!

Contributed by Verdley Thyme - 2013/10/14 - 14:03

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