‎95 South (All of the Places We've Been)‎

Gil Scott-Heron
Language: English

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Album “Bridges”, con Brian ‎Jackson

gil scott heron bridges

Canzone che è un tributo a Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977), importante attivista per i diritti civili, ‎tra gli organizzatori della “Freedom Summer”, quando nel 1964 molti volontari si recarono – a loro ‎rischio e pericolo – in Mississippi con l’obiettivo di registrare la popolazione afroamericana così da ‎consentire ai neri il diritto di voto che di fatto era loro negato. Fannie Lou Hamer, cristiana fervente ‎e grande oratrice, fu anche la vice-presidente del partito politico Mississippi Freedom Democratic ‎Party.‎

"All my life I've been sick and tired. Now I'm sick and tired of being ‎sick and tired."
Fannie Lou Hamer
In my lifetime I've been in towns
where there was no freedom or future around.
I've been in places where you could not eat
or take a drink of water where ever you pleased.
And now that I meet you in the middle of a mountain
Well, I'm reaching out from within.

And all I can think of are chapters and scenes of
all of the places we've been.

I'm not such an old man so don't get me wrong.
I'm the latest survivor of the constantly strong.
I've been to Mississippi and down city streets,
I've seen days of plenty and nights with nothing to eat.
But I'm not too happy 'bout the middle of a mountain so
soon I'll be climbing again.

‎'Cause all I can think of are chapters and scenes of
all of the places we've been.

I was raised up in a small town in the country down south
so I've been close enough to know what oppression's about.
Placed on this mountain with a rare chance to see
dreams once envisioned by folks much braver than me.
And since their lives got me to the middle of a mountain
Well, I can't stop and give up on them.

‎'Cause their lights that shine on inspire me to climb on
from all of the places we've been.

From all of the places we've been,
From all of the places we've been alot of places, yeah
From all of the places we've been,
Been down, been down, been down, alot of roads and places
All of the places... ‎

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