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January, 2006
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
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First thing that he did before even getting to DC
He was talking with brother Jeb down in Tallahassee
Jeb said George I got a certain gift with opening certain doors
I’ll just keep the Blacks from voting and then Florida is yours
Folks complained but he said hey it was just one more election
Another white male Republican, it’s just natural selection
With the help of Jeb and daddy and Diebold voting machines
We’ll make sure democracy keeps running squeaky clean

When he came in he was trouble, shoulda known as well
After what happened with his other brother and Silverado S&L
And when he got to office what are you gonna say
When his biggest source of funding was a guy named Kenneth Lay
From the very beginning it was hard not to hear the sound
Of corporate corruption loudly crashing to the ground
All falling to the tune of deregulation
Xerox, Enron, Worldcom, all of corporate creation

How many more scandals til it’s just scandals all around
How many more before this house of cards comes crashing down

Then 9/11 happened, thousands of people were dead
George was reading storybooks later on he said
I’m opposed to a commission to find out what went wrong
But maybe Henry can do a dance and sing a little song
Next it’s get Bin Ladin but please allow him to survive
‘Cause everybody knows a bogeyman is better off alive
But hey we liberated Kabul and Omar’s on the run
We got our pipeline and our opium and our job here is done


Now he had to go to Baghdad tho Al Qaeda wasn’t there
Now it is tho so it’s only fair
Weapons of Mass Destruction, we know they do exist
OK maybe not in Iraq but anyway those therrorists must desist
I know they have these weapons, allow me to repeat
I know they bought those chemicals, I’ve got the receipt
And we’ll shut down their torture chambers by torturing them there
And we’ll teach them how to fight fair by dropping napalm everywhere


Give a no-bid contract to Cheney’s alma mater
Maybe he will get a job for my drunken daughter
And when disaster strikes New Orleans, put Brownie in charge of course
‘Cause that man sure knows the difference between a donkey and a horse
But that Bush sure is a nice man, just like Abramoff
He cares so much about freedom he’ll make sure to buy it off
And he listens to the little guys each and every day
It’s true, just ask the folks who run the NSA


When Bush didn’t like the the media, thought they’d lost the plot
He just made up his own, no need to connect the dots
We’ll make videos in Washington, you put them on TV
Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work in a great democracy?
But our President’s a good man, everybody knows
It’s been years since he drove drunk while sucking cocaine up his nose
But he is so very good-looking, so handsome and so hard
Like every now and then when he showed up to work in the National Guard


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/6/30 - 12:44

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