People Still Dream

Gordy Scoville
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Gordon Scoville

A dream of a world where everyone is judged by the measure of love and not by race, color, or creed.
My son was only three
when he looked up at me
He said: « Daddy I had a dream last night
I was lying in my bed
and there beside my head
A puppy dog was playing in the light
He looked up at me and clearly as can be
He said I'm yours to love and hold
I am only small,
but I am growing tall..
Do people still dream when they get old? »

Just the other day
I heard a woman say:
« When I win the lottery I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll have a new car,
A swimming pool out in the yard
And, oh yes, I'll buy one for you too
I can feel my lucky day
is surely on the way »
And then she walked off in the cold
With a quickened pace
and a smile upon her face
People still dream when they get old.

You've gotta have a dream,
something to believe in
Something onto which you can hold
A dream will see you thru
when you're down and feeling blue
People still dream when they get old.

Sometimes I lie awake
in my bed and take
Account of the blessings I have known
I count them one by one
and before the night is done
I see how much mercy I've been shown
How could I ask for more
and what is this life for
There are people who are hungry and are cold
And I dream of a day
when love will find a way
People still dream when they get old.

And I dream of a world where every boy and girl
Can grow up in peace and harmony
And I dream of a time when the crippled and the blind
Can walk on their own and can see

And I dream of a place where color, creed and race
Will not be the measure of the love we hold
And when I turn out the light
I dream this every night
Yes, people still dream when they get old..

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