Wearing Men's Clothing

September 29th
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Olgostin
Album: The Story of History


A dog barking... then enters a guitar, the bass and here comes Joan of Arc.

Jeanne wore men's clothing between her departure from Vaucouleurs and her abjuration at Rouen... Yes, Jeanne is Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc, if you like, or, as François Villon would say: "Jeanne la bonne Lorraine qu'Anglais brûlèrent à Rouen"..

She had been the heroine of her country at 17, and died when only 19 years old: on May 30 1431, in Rouen, she was burnt at the stake.
Wearing men's clothing
Turning into
What you could -never become
What you will never be.
For everything – there is a time
Liberty – is a capital crime.
But for France today
There is a chance, today.
The bells chime.

Wearing men's clothing…

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