Resistance Song

Jill Sobule
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Jill Sobule
Album: Jill Sobule
Jill Sobule
I had this dream we were in the resistance
Somewhere in France fighting traitors and fascists
You were my mistress yes you were a woman
But I knew it was you by the shape of your mouth
And you called me Maurice and I had a thin mustache
I played clarinet in a decadent band
Until we
hid in the bushes,
We shot from the bushes,
Made love in the bushes
Like there was no tomorrow..

In my real life I'm a cocktail waitress
Dodging men's hands
Instead of bullets..
And you're a bass player in a band
That got a deal
Dealing with assholes
Instead of explosions

Still we were grateful to be alive
Together fighting side by side
As we
hide in the bushes,
Shoot from the bushes,
Love in the bushes
Like there is no tomorrow..

We promised if one of us left or died
We'll meet again in another life
And we'll
hide in the bushes,
Shoot from the bushes,
Made love in the bushes,
Like there is no tomorrow...

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