When Empires Collide

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Songwriters: Ryan Harvey and Tom Frampton
Album: The Revolution Will Not Be Amplified
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I feel resistance rising
In every bombed out home
In the schoolrooms, in the prisons,
In the markets, it has grown
Unleashed now like a pitbull
With teeth of diamond blades
Or the anger of a mother
Standing by her child's grave..

It started as a protest, screams,
A billion falling tears
Now the buckets overflowing
With the rage of 40 years
Of tyranny, dictatorship,
Wars from every side…
The poverty that power brings,
When empire's collide.

I see children raising fists, guns,
A coffin raised up high
A family mourning loved ones
As another day goes by
I see a city full of refugees,
Another full of smoke
I hear screams of desperation
Where words we're often spoke

There's soldiers standing bravely
Some proud and some depressed
With guns and tanks and hand grenades
To put them to the test
Some fight like it's paradise
Some fight like it's hell
Some kill everyone in sight
Some just kill themselves..

Now in the City center
There's a woman in the road
Her bloods drips on the concrete
As another bomb explodes
I see a statue of the dictator
Lying on it's side
With an American flag
Waving valiantly and high..

It's a fucked up situation
It's fucked up what they do
They bred this war on terror
And the terrorism too
Their goal is global poverty
To create local wealth...
Don't care about your families,
Your future or your health.

I see business men in offices
Looking down upon the street
Where protests meet police lines
And protesters are beat
Youth with gut feelings shout
Dancers dance and and spin
While beside them homeless veterans
Wave a banner in the wind..

The truth behind the wars fought
Not too far in our past
Have left scars upon participants
And misery that lasts
While the present day promoters
Use the same lies from before…
To justify the horrors
And brutality of war.

Across the seas of culture
Across the oceans and lands
All this horror is constructed
By the people in command
They are senators and presidents,
CEOs and Kings
Killing thoughtlessly and quickly
In a race to gain more things

They are folks like you and I
But they sold their lives to greed
Building weapons for destruction
At an ever growing speed
To imperialize the world
With free trade or with attack…
They did it to the natives
Now they've done it to Iraq..

So when I speak of the system
I mean the companies
And the governments and profiteers
Who've been spreading this disease
It's infected our hearts
And it's infected our minds
It's destroyed the world's forests
And it's destroying our lives

Rise up, good people
Take back your lives and land
Collectively your power
Outweighs the iron hand
You have inside your heart a strength
That not an army can contain…
You've just gotta realize
That our struggles are the same!

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