Those He Gathered

Dan Vetter
Language: English

This song is to the tune of a Remembrance Day hymn called 'O Valient Hearts' which was sung by Canadian school children in the 1950's.
To those he gathered, rank on rank to war,
He gave the cause that they'd be fighting for,
Weapons of mass destruction were a threat,
And action now would be the safest bet.

Swiftly they triumphed, Hussein's troops were smashed,
Into a hole the hated tyrant dashed,
"Mission Accomplished" read George Bush's sign,
As he assured them all now would be fine.

Baathists were axed, a weapons search begun,
Links to al Quida would soon surely come,
With proof to show, the world would bless the fight,
To keep Iraq beyond bin Laden's spite.

Without jihad, Iraqis could be free,
Embracing soon a new democracy,
Elections held, stained fingers proudly waved,
This was the goal of those who battle braved.

Slowly it dawned Bush's judgment was unsound,
No Quida ties, nor terror weapons found,
And troops too few to quell a looting spree,
Or halt the rise of cruel insurgency.

Sunni and Shia wage a gruesome feud,
Striving to gain control of land and crude,
Twelve hundred years of hatred's not dispelled,
Simply because some strange election's held.

And for the brave who saw that Saddam went,
Few smiles of thanks, much more an evil bent,
Daily they faced the bombs and IEDs,
From those who looked at them as enemies.

Many have lost in combat without rules,
Brought to the land by George Bush and his fools,
Rumsfeld and Pearle and Wolfowitz and Rice,
Not they nor theirs will pay the highest price.

George Bush once vowed that nations he'd not build,
Sadly he kept that promise unfulfilled,
And those who gathered, rank on rank to war,
Are not so sure what they were dying for.

Contributed by dan vetter - 2010/8/25 - 06:09

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