Drug War

David Rovics
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Lyrics and Music by David Rovics

"The drug war has been won a long time ago -- by the CIA, who else?" -David Rovics.
I want to tell you something you should understand
About the fabric of this mighty land
Under the White House and Pentagon's command
There are journalists murdered and books that are banned
While the president talks about God and love
And looks solemnly up to the Lord above
And he talks about family and the morals of man
Everybody should know the secret ways of his clan

It's all going on right under his nose
He can smell the crack burning and which way that it blows
While he sits in the church on the pews all in rows
Dictators are paid and that's how the game goes
They bust all the riffraff and call it a war
But the boys in DC all know the score
Line their fat pockets and kill off the poor
They're conscious, they're cynical and rotten to the core


(‘Cause) the drug war has been won
The drug war has been won
The drug war has been won
By the CIA

The evidence it is all over the place
Let me try to put it in front of your face
In congressional chambers, in Manhattan Chase
In laundering deals they tried not to trace
From the death squads of Honduras to the Contras next door
From LA to Afghanistan to the east Asian shore
Many's the mysterious ending of youth
Of agents who came clean and told us the truth


This is the truth but don't take it from me
Look at the world and tell me what do you see
Look at the facts, see wherever you go
The drug trade will follow our brave GI Joe
Look at the patterns now, what do they show
Will you listen to Nancy say just say no
Will you wonder what happened that this is all so
What will you do now that you know


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/1/7 - 22:29

Oltre alla Drug War c'è anche la War on Drugs che ha delle cifre impressionanti:

Alessandro - 2007/7/9 - 16:02

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