Yabba Dubya Doo

Dubbin' Dubya & the Steven Mays
Language: English

Testo e musica di Steven May
Have i ever been this scared?
Let me think
I’ll take a drink
It’s what i need
To succeed
To look you straight in the eye
And confront the lies
That were foist upon us
I need that crutch
‘cause the enormity just seems too fabulous
That you still have the trust
Of anyone not part of the upper crust
They get a tax cut
We get jack
Better yet
Sent to Iraq
And for what?
I’ll tell you
Well i won’t cause i don’t know
Your head’s a scary place to go
And even with the ticket
I think i’d.... I know i’d skip the show
‘cause you believe that shit you spew
If it was just convenient views
I could buy it
But by you
We’re better than iraq
And all that arab/muslim crap
Christianity knows best
And dare anyone suggest
There’s any other way to go
Straight in the stripey hole
With no lawyer to call
That swiss convention
Takes the fall

Is this America?
I fear we’ve lost our way
Is this America?
I need to get away
Is this America?
I yearn for yesterday
Is this America?
I don’t know what to say

Ecology’s gone straight to hell
As companies police themselves
E.p.a. in bed with shell
Ge...and so forth
So hard to keep track of it all
I could hold my breath
Dream of a brilliant fall
But i’d just suffocate

Clinton had a little sex
Yet your games caused so many deaths
Your survival never ceases to
Example? Your wmd niger stained lies:
You teleprompt uranium ties
Wilson editorialize...s
You out his wife
Destroy a life
Yet something i don’t get
To the comatose electorate
Still means more

Is this Amerika?

Check my movie rental list
My urine when i piss
Speck the books that i check out
Sounds like fascism? doubt
You protect our liberty
By chipping it away piece by piece
That’s why i need to have that drink
Or to see some fucking shrink
And though i’m atheistic
A bit too fatalistic
I find that every day
I pray.....that you

Give me my country back (x4)

Is this America?
I can’t take no more
Is this America?
Someone show me the door
Is this America?
I’ve watched you sell the store

Cheney’s buddies get the dough
No bid contracts
Way to go
Church and state they start to blur
Which is which?
I’m not too sure
Now november’s almost here
No paper trail
Here’s what i fear:
Though exit polls show kerry’s won
For you another 4’s begun

Freedoms shrinking every week
And we just watch, afraid to speak
When we wake up from this nightmare
Will our country still be there?

Your enemy is not surrounding your country,
Your enemy is ruling your country.

Put it this way: they’re no longer a threat to the united states and our friends and allies.

And this congress and the american people must recognize another threat...
With ties to terrorism,
Ebola and plague...
And it could be you.

Your enemy is not surrounding your country,
Your enemy is ruling your country.
An oppressive regime rules a people living in fear and starvation
And the fbi is improving it’s ability to anazyze intelligence
If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning

And we are holding corporate criminals to account.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/3/29 - 13:53

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