United States Of Eurasia/Collateral Damage

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Album: "The Resistance" (2009)
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The name comes from the book "The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzeziński, who puts forward the view that Eurasia must be controlled by the USA to secure oil supplies.

In addition, it draws influence from "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell in which Eurasia arbitrarily changes between ally and enemy of Big Brother country Oceania. This is where the idiom "We have always been at war with Eurasia/Eastasia" came from, typically employed in response to the most obvious political uses of the exposure effect to convince a populace that a ruling figure or party said or did the opposite of that which was in fact actually said or done.

Matt said, "Musically this is influenced by Ravel, Tchaikovsky and 1970s song writing/string arrangements. The ending features Chopin's 'Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2' with sound effects evoking innocence and then the military, towards the very end (a take on the term 'collateral damage' - a cold term used by politicians and the media to trivialise the killing of completely innocent people in war). The song is from an imaginary musical about a 'United States of Eurasia', the search for peace and the accidental creation of a new super power challenging American primacy."

The song also features a somewhat altered recital of Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in Eb by Frédéric Chopin in its outro, "Collateral Damage". "Collateral Damage" features additional sounds such as children laughing and ends with the sound of a jet fighter.


Da notare come la costruzione e lo stile della canzone siano ispirati a Bohemian Rhapsody dei Queen.
You and me are the same
We don't know or care who's to blame
But we know that whoever holds the reins
Nothing will change, our cause has gone insane

And these wars, they can't be won
And these wars, they can't be won
And do you want them, to go on and on and on?
Why split these states?
When there can be only one!

And must we do as we're told?
Must we do as we're told?

You and me fall in line
To be punished for unproven crimes
And we know that there's no one we can trust
Our ancient heroes, they are turning to dust

And these wars; they can't be won
Does anyone know or care how they begun?
They just promise to go on and on and on
But soon we will see
There can be only one!

United States
United States of...

Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!

2009/9/27 - 20:21

Language: Italian

Versione italiana

Tu e io siamo uguali
Non sappiamo o non ci importa chi sia da biasimare
Ma sappiamo che chiunque tenga le redini
Niente cambierà, la nostra causa è impazzita

E queste guerre, non possono essere vinte
E queste guerre, non possono essere vinte
E allora vuoi che continuino per sempre_
Perché dividere questi stati
quando ce ne può essere uno solo!

E dobbiamo fare quello che ci dicono?
dobbiamo fare quello che ci dicono?

Tu e io ci allineiamo
per essere puniti per crimini non dimostrati
E sappiamo che non c'è nessuno in cui confidare
I nostri eroi di un tempo, sono ridotti in cenere

E queste guerre: non possono essere vinte
C'è qualcuno che sa o a cui importi perché sono cominciate?
Loro promettono di andare avanti ancora
Ma presto ci accorgeremo
ce ne può essere solo uno!

Stati Uniti
Stati Uniti di..

Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia! -sia!

2012/11/15 - 23:44

Fryderyk Chopin: Waltz in c sharp minor op.64 no:2
Dalla collona sonora di "Waltz with Bashir" [2008]

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E tanto come contrappeso...un film intero

Krzysztof Wrona - 2013/8/15 - 01:31

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