Don’t Say It So Slow

Mark Spoelstra
Language: English

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Album “Spoelstra at Club 47”, live concert in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Testo pubblicato su Broadside Magazine n.58 del maggio 1965.
Peace clouds are rolling, Peace clouds are rolling,
War clouds are boiling, Peace clouds are rolling.
Do you want, oh, do you want
The peace clouds are rolling?
You folks that want, want no more war,
Say no, say no, but don’t say it so slow.

I see you sleeping, I hear you moaning
You have no footsteps, you’re good and groaning
All the while, oh, all the while
War clouds are boiling
Your brain must hurt from righteous vows
Your vows mean nothing, speak loud and stop the war clouds.

Plains of Montana, swamps of Louisiana
Sand dunes of [???], desert of New Mexico
People say, “God will save the day, God will save the day”
Don’t leave it to God, please not this time
It’s your turn, and mine, don’t let us burn.

Stop blaming “them” for what you’ve done
Indifferent minds are worse that guns
Say no, say no right now
Time will allow
You folks that want, want no more war,
Say no, say no, but don’t say it so slow.

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