Johnny Howard's March

John Dengate
Language: English

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Terrorist Song
(John Dengate)

Sull'aria di "Paddy Mc Ginty's Goat".
Little Johnnie Howard said, 'Diplomacy's a chore,
You get results much quicker from a swift and bloody war.'
He said, 'It's very simple; it's easily understood:
Sadam Hussein is evil and America is good.'

Now all the world is rising to 'Advance Australia Fair,'
We can crawl to George bush as good as Tony Blair.
We're the coaltion that will set a people free:
My buddy in the White House and Tony Blair…and me!

They bombed a few civilians that they didn't mean to kill
For the Yanks blast everything that moves and most of what stands still;
That's the way they operate; the people they have maimed
Will thank us for democracy and know we can't be blamed.

The Yanks have taken Bhagdad and tyranny has gone,
All because of George Bush and Blair and little John;
I'll win the next election, I haven't lost my touch…
I've got some blood upon my hands…but, really, not too much.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi

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