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Album "The Curse of Zounds" (Rough Trade Records).
War - War - War - War

There's war in Afghanistan
And war in Northern Ireland
And war in South America
And war in Africa

And war - Violence
War - Oppression

There's violence in London
And violence in Bristol
And violence in New York
And violence in Moscow

And war - Violence
War - Oppression

There's war in Heaven
Unrest on Earth
And war in my head
And war in my house

And war - War - War - War

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/3/16 - 23:27

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Kiocciolina

Guerra - Guerra - Guerra - Guerra

C'è una guerra in Afghanistan
E guerra in Irlanda del Nord
E guerra in Sud America
E guerra i Africa

E guerra - Violenza
Guerra - Oppressione

C'è violenza a Londra
E violenza a Bristol
E violenza a New York
E violenza a Mosca

E guerra - Violenza
Guerra - Oppressione

C'è guerra in Paradiso
Irrequietezza sulla Terra
E guerra nella mia testa
E guerra in casa mia

E guerra - guerra - guerra - guerra

Contributed by Kiocciolina - 2009/3/23 - 21:31

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