Klein Liedje Voor Raghda

Clara Legêne
Language: Dutch

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(Klein Orkest)
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Una canzone scritta nel 2004 in memoria di Raghda al-Assar, una bambina di 10 anni, palestinese, abitante della Striscia di Gaza, uccisa durante un raid israeliano mentre era seduta al suo banco in classe.
Tanto per ricordare che i massacri realizzati dagli israeliani a Gaza non sono solo cosa di oggi...

L'articolo del corrispondente della BBC Alan Johnston datato 27 settembre 2004: Gaza's tragic classroom casualties
"Nine-year-old Raghda al-Assar died last week after being hit by Israeli fire while sitting at her school desk in the Gaza Strip - the fourth child hit in similar circumstances in 18 months. The BBC's Alan Johnston visits the scene of the incident."
terwijl jij leert schrijven
'I go to school'
geven de grote mensen
elkaar strafwerk
slaap, raghda, slaap

terwijl jij je schrift pakt
een lekker nieuw schrift
dit schrift blijft netjes
geven de grote mensen
elkaar de schuld
slaap, raghda, slaap

terwijl jij schrijft
apple is appel
to play is spelen
geven de grote mensen
door jouw hoofd heen
jou de schuld
droom, raghda, droom

terwijl jij schrijft
blood is bloed
a child is een kind
a rose is een roos
a bus is een bus
my apple is lekker
geven de grote mensen
het nooit op

terwijl jij met bloed schrijft
in jouw nieuwe schrift
geven de grote mensen
jou op.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/1/4 - 20:45

Language: English

Versione inglese

while you learn to write
‘I go to school’
the grown-ups force
each other to do lines
sleep, Raghda, sleep

while you take out your copybook
a nice new copybook
intending to keep it clean
the grown-ups
accuse each other
sleep, Raghda, sleep

while you write

apple is tufahaa
to play is bal’ab
the grown-ups
accuse you
right through your head
dream, Raghda, dream

while you write

blood is damm
a child is walad
a rose is ward
a bus is bas
‘I like my apple’
the grown-ups
never give up

while you write in blood
in your new copybook
the grown-ups
give up
on you.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/1/4 - 20:46

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