Was It Worth It?

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Album: Give It Time. Reflections on Change (2005)
Was it worth it? You should start to ask
Cuz the answers lying in the recent past
Remember how it went? It was out of the blue
They came, they saw they came flying through
The towers fell
It was marketed it well
They threw the lessons out and kept the shell
It was fear That was the main attraction
They scare you near to death and you're afraid to take action
Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it? War was in their sights
When we had just learned first-hand what it's like
Was it worth it?

Where were we? Some were watching it all
On Headline News Shock and Awe
The night-vision flashes over Baghdad's sky
The bright green glare we we're hypnotized
Then we fell asleep or our brains were clogged
Now we're stomping through Iraq like a big dumb dog
We're hungry richest country on the earth
Fulfilling our role as a murderer
And it's dangerous to act like this
Cuz the cycle will repeat and come back to us
Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it? The torture trial
They caught them red handed and they're still in denial
Was it worth it?

Remember that the Patriot Act passed
Everyone blinked It happened that fast
No one read it they just signed their names
Now they're filling up the cells at Guantanamo Bay
And there's a lotta bullshit security cameras
Terror-level color schemed fear propaganda
Lots of stories on the news of a perpetual plan
Of some sleeper cell from Afghanistan
Was it worth?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it? The contract bids
The pictures of the kids with the missing limbs
Was it worth it?

The burning homes the bursting steel
The hyped up stories the backroom deals
Everybody's against it who's been paying attention
Cept' a few still trapped in some sick dimension
Where's it's profit first kill or be killed
Kill or be less-rich or just kill for a power trip
Call it peace they'll love it
Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it? The facts denied
The daily car-bomb suicides
Was it worth it?

Pay attention that's my advice
Cuz a good magician never tries the same trick twice
And they're steps ahead they study this
They study how to make themselves this rich
And they study us how we react
How we take their shit and don't talk back
And that's our fault and now it's our turn
To look into the past and learn
Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it? Would you still agree?
Do you feel more safe?
Do you feel more free?
Was it worth it?

A 4 years past since 9/11
And you can still board a plane with a loaded gun
Was it worth it?

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