I Don't Believe in this Country Anymore

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Album: Self-titled [2003]
They talk about free speech
Yeah you hear it every day
You can say whatever you want
And you can disagree
With your government’s plans
That’s democracy and that’d what we want
But when the tear gas guns are pointing at you
You’ve gotten out of hand
Yeah it’s ok to protest
But not to take a stand
You can only be free
If you’re saying the right things
And pay respect
To your kings and queens
Yeah they sell of the land that they stole from the poor
Yeah I don’t believe in this country anymore

Now the media will tell you
About Saddam Hussein
Yes he must be disarmed
But when an unelected leader
Has more nukes than them all
That won’t bring you harm
Yeah it’s ok to have nukes
If you’re friends with the CIA
Just as long as
Lockheed Martin’s getting payed
Yeah you’re not part of the problem
If all the weapons your produce
Are sold by you to dictators
Who but them all to use
Yeah we sold the wrong guy weapons so were gonna start a war?
Yeah I don’t believe in this country anymore

And now all the talk
Is about the sniper
He’s the biggest problem we face
But if you exit White America
And look around
You’ll realize that’s not the case
The Third World is here
Is right outside
It’s in your neighborhood
You cannot hide
It’s bigger now
Than it ever was before
It’s poverty and profit
It’s slavery and it is war
We still ignore the problems though they’re breaking down the door
Yeah I don’t believe in this country anymore.

Contributed by giorgio - 2008/9/14 - 09:32

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