The Walkabouts
Language: English

Closed circuit silence
I know I test your nerves
When I watch the watchers
They say the deserts bare
The forbidden zone
But I feel somethin' breathin' out there
Feel it in my bones

When we're out there in the zone
Your gonna have to trust me
When it's just us two alone
Love will be our only history

The commando squad
Is bored and poorly fed
Surveillance is their dog
And it's hounding us to death
I heard their gonna move us
To another transit camp
They're bulldozing the suburbs down
Putting up a razor fence
Bought an beat-up short wave
From a black market trader
But it's all just a high, shrill tone
That's why they call it thin air
I guess I'm getting ahead of myself
But we can't be both inside and out
I guess I'm getting, ahead of myself
But we can't be both inside and out
Inside and out, inside and out!

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