Only the Stones Remain

The Soft Boys
Language: English

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Scritta da Robyn Hitchcock
Singolo poi incluso in un LP del 1981 intitolato "Two Halves For The Price Of One", suddiviso in due parti, "Only the Stones Remain" e "Lope At The Hive"
Testo ripreso da Genius

Two Halves For The Price Of One
Men were executed, women bled
Beads and fish changed hands and
Children stayed up late
Uh huh

Colored drums they stretched the night
There's a taxidermist looking for a fight
But now he's gone
Ah yeah, only the stones remain

Girls were decked with flowers and violated while
Boys spat juice from out of their fresh young bulbs

Soldiers crossed their hearts and died and
Pretty girls turned cold inside
But now they're gone
Ah yeah, only the stones remain
Oh they're gone, yeah
Only the stones remain

And the stones have forgotten them
The stones have forgotten them

They break your body and drain the life out of it
It sinks into the soil while the soul flies up into the air above

And when there's no more tears to cry, there's
Nothing left to do but laugh
Stained glass elaborations collapse and candyfloss evaporates, honey
Only the stones remain, here they go
Ah yeah, only the stones remain

Now they're gone
Ah yeah, only the stones remain

Ah yeah, only the stones remain

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