Che Guevara

Peggy Seeger
Language: English

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Nel disco “At The Present Moment” (1973), con Ewan MacColl
At The Present Moment

Three Score and Ten
The hunt is over, the hounds are weary
The hunter's home and laid him down
Wild and free was Che Guevara
Till torn and spent, they brought him to the ground.

Stars are lost in the fields of darkness
Hunters' moon stalks the empty night
Like a farmer walks Che Guevara
Bearing songs to sow the world with light

The way is dark and beset with danger
The road may end in a prison cell
A guiding hand is Che Guevara
To lead us past the place at which he fell.

Brave men show the way and brave men follow
The Earth bless heroes when a hero dies
A hero's hero is Che Guevara
Meeting death with morning in his eyes.

In jungle earth, the hunters laid him
No stone to mark the lonely grave
Then farewell, comrade Che Guevara
We will clear the trail that you have blazed

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