Vote! (That Mutha Out)

Steven Van Zandt
Language: English

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Vote That Mutha Out!

Violento attacco a Ronald Reagan da parte di Little Steven. Uscito su singolo nel 1984, poi incluso come bonus track nelle nuove edizioni di Voices of America.
Uncle Sam wants You
Uncle Sam wants You

He's lyin' about El Salvador and Nicaragua, baby
While our so called newsmen beg for more
A million dollars here or there will never be missed
To fight a communist conspiracy that does not exist

He's depending on our silence
While he orchestrates our fear
If our neighbors are so satisfied
Why they comin' here

It's time to vote
Vote that mutha out

He don't understand the modern world
And he's running out of time
How can he deal with the 80's
When he thinks it's 1949

Whatever money don't go south goes to the Philippines
With stolen dignity
From people his own age
Who can't afford to dream

It's time to vote
Vote that mutha out

Uncle Sam wants You
Uncle Sam wants You
We're comin' to get you

He ain't talkin' to the Russians until election time
I guess that ain't too important these days
And he thinks it's good military strategy
To have an enemy 90 miles away

He's got every death squad on his payroll
Who cares as long as they stay out of sight
He's mortgaged all our futures
For a final moment in the spotlight

Our environment is a memory
And our children cannot read
300 dead in Lebanon
What's it gonna be

It's time to vote
Vote that mutha out
Uncle Sam wants You
Uncle Sam wants You

2020/11/17 - 21:54

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