Southbound Train

Crosby & Nash
Language: English

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Scritta da Graham Nash
Nell'album "Graham Nash / David Crosby"
(Alla steel guitar, Jerry Garcia dei Grateful Dead)
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Graham Nash / David Crosby

Questo treno che scivola verso il sud ha un carico speciale: soldati morti in una qualsiasi guerra (ma era il 1972, quella in Vietnam volgeva alla fine ma infuriava ancora) che tornano a riposare per sempre nella terra dei padri... Con loro sono state sepolte anche la Libertà, l'Eguaglianza e la Fraternità con cui tutti i leader sono soliti sciacquarsi la bocca...
Liberty, laughing and shaking your head
Can you carry the torch that'll bring home the dead
To the land of their fathers whose lives you have lead
To the station at the edge of the town
On the southbound train going down

Equality, quietly facing the fist
Are you angry and tired that your point has been missed
Will you go in the back-room and study the list
Of the gamblers using the phone
On the southbound train going down

Fraternity, failing to fight back the tears
Will it take an eternity breaking all the fears
And what will the passenger do when he hears
That he's already paid for the crown
On the southbound train going down

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