The Two Towers

Pat Lamanna
Language: English

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Lyrics & music by Pat Lamanna
Album: Full Circle: Songs of Peace and Love by Pat Lamanna
Album Cover
I built a tower in my heart
and called my tower Fear,
I started when I was quite small
and added more each year.
And brick by brick those walls
became my prison and frontier,
And Love lay buried deep in the foundation.

I built a tower in my heart
and called my tower Greed,
Inside I hoarded treasure,
far more than I’d ever need.
And gazing from the ramparts
I could watch my brothers bleed,
And Love lay buried deep in the foundation.

Then one bright September day
those towers came crashing down,
As poisoned arrows pierced my heart,
they crumpled to the ground.
Smoke and fire filled the air
and Death was all around,
And Love lay buried deep beneath the rubble.

For many months I cursed my fate
and mourned the tragedy,
Until I came to understand:
it all was meant to be.
Without those towers’ confining walls
my spirit might fly free,
And Love could come crawling from the shadows.

Then slowly I began to clear
the rubble from that space,
And where my towers had stood I built
a garden in their place.
And God walked in my garden
and I met him face to face,
And Love bloomed in the flowers of my garden.

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