The Blind Soldier From Vietnam

Curly Herdman
Language: English

The country song "The Blind Soldier From Vietnam" (Arzee # RZ-106-X) took an anti-war and plight of the soldier interpretation.

Curly Herman (1918-1968), from West Virginia, a fiddler in the 1960s, sometimes headed a group called the West Virginia Boys. He died shortly after the recording and release of this single, in 1968.


Narrated from the perspective of a soldier, who had returned home "from Vietnam", blinded by the war. His brother had also died in a war, possibly Vietnam or Korea. Likewise his father, presumably a reference to the Second World War. It thus sought to show a family continuity in fighting wars for the US. The narrator then explained that the young boy helped him cross the street. The boy told him that his friend's father had died in the Vietnam War. The soldier then declared: "dear god...stop the fighting in Vietnam and send the boys home safely". Released in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Rex Zario's record label Arzee (he produced the single). Composed by Curly Herdman.

Vietnam War Song Project
I am a blind soldier,
just come from Vietnam
I'll never see no more
I'm so lonesome I could cry
I have dreams I could die,
I pray they stop this war

My sweetheart has left me,
my brothers in heaven
My dad is there I know

I am a blind soldier,
just come from Vietnam
I'll never see them no more

I was trying to walk alone
on a busy sidewalk today
and when I started to cross the street
I heard a little voice say,
he said 'mister I'll lead you cross the street'
and then tethering at my coat sleeve
was a little boy, so small and sweet
you know he looked really proud
as he led me on my way
And when he told me his name and his daddy's name
The boy had to say:
"You see I knew that little boy's daddy
Yes, he was my real close friend
and when he was shelled that night in Vietnam,
for him it was the end"
Now dear God in heaven,
I hope you'll answer my prayer
Stop the fighting in Vietnam
and send the boys home safely
some other there

They gave me dog
a seeing eye dog
to lead me on my way
I have prayed every night
I have prayed every day
that God will show me the way

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