Beat Of Resistance

Italian Freedom Fighters
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 Italian Freedom Fighters

BEAT OF RESISTANCE denuncia la repressione Turca ai danni del Grup Yorum , band che da anni si oppone con la propria musica allo stato di dittatura di Erdogan.
International call fi solidarity, antifascist action fi Grup Yorum.

Time is now,let's spread the love together to rise up,is love that makes us human,a voice been heard,we'll keep on fighting for what we love,we've the right to feel emotions.
(TONY) We are the brothers and the sisters from the same unlucky land,who working every morning fight 'till the end,we got music,we got power against brutality and our great weapon we call solidarity,break chains around the world with the hope within,rise up for the heroes Helin,Mustafa and Ibrahim,make music's not a crime,so let's sing with me.

Grup Yorum beats the drum of resistance,connecting solidarity no matter the distance ,a thousand voice standing up for your fight,day and night we stand for your right,fascism is a virus we haffi stop,freedom of speach is the antidote,so get up stand up ,brothers and sisters,fi Grup Yorum,the freedom fighters!

I use music for the revolution,fight rhymes are love rhymes,Grup Yorum for the rebellion,against who deny freedom of expression,I feel the slow scent of turning point,like a drum that presses the fight,unite souls and hearts in revolt,winning weapon is union and strenght

As ever the power's abuse ,cut off wings of those who fly,but the silent protest hurts,solidarity is stronger than hunger,resistance may also seem helpless,but the music,you know you can't stop it,you can't stop it.
(CHALA)Leave them alone,and set them free cause the youths the clean,this is injustice,don't put them in a trouble,don't put them in a trouble,what's wrong with your mind,you better think twice and make right,don't put them in a trouble,don't put them in a trouble.

Music is passion,music is revolution,music is reveal this infamous situation,I vent a human right against the oppressor,music to save an entire nation,servant of the state,oh no,I can't do it,I've something inside i need to vent,a companion dies and another has already left us,we don't wanna martyrs of peace(NUR-GÜL)If something happens to you,come to the mountains,mountains will protect you,they won't hand you over to tyrants.

All united for Grup Yorum's dignity,who is fighting for freedom,there are things that we think don't touch,don't touch freedom of expression no,united for Grup Yorum and this song will go around the world ,who knows...where there's art there's love,where there's freedom of expression there's love

There's always someone who have to immolate,cause there's no need to wash donkeys and heads,hold the mouth,not even eat,to make poetry just imagine,pollen smell's persist in the air,wind will create rebel flowers,wind will create wild flowers.
(FIDO GUIDO)When a voice is dangerous for a system who defends only who govern,tytarts can't tolerate it,that's why we don't leave you alone,let's raise our voice to scream together,that dictatorships have already been sentenced by history a long time ago

Deep is the eclipse of reason,that lock in cage voices and people,and dig in abused days without humanity,tenacious protest under the skin,over "the line" for your folks,they'll nevere gonna have us

No,it's not a diet for the goal behind the plexiglass,or lousy moods for a missing festival,I'm not against Greta,her signs and each preach,but I play for the appeals of those who fight for an ethic,hungry is the hunger of sonebody's justice,digest any abuse or a fasting abuse?All together in the team for Ibrahim and Helin Bölek,against repression I've rap pression.(TREBLE) Cause music is a good art, like all arts you can't imprison it, come back in the streets as it used to be, have you forgotten? Cause music comes straight, the real one reaches the heart, not the ear, and the message is born and grows again, and the hour has come,to feel it again!

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