Uncle Tupelo
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Scritta da Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Gob Iron e parecchi lavori da solista)
Nell'album "March 16–20, 1992"

March 16–20, 1992

Siamo tutti criminali in attesa di giudizio e le catene della legge le hanno forgiate uomini che hanno comprato e venduto loro stessi e che ci vorrebbero più calmi e tranquilli, ai loro piedi...

A Kinder, Gentler Nation

"I want a kinder, gentler nation", fu uno degli slogan di Bush Senior nella campagna del 1988 che lo portò alla presidenza degli USA l'anno seguente...
We've got two kinds here:
Those that bleed the blood and those that work to will it
Can't believe the big screen, there's no justice in the hall
We're all criminals waiting to be called

We've got shackles to keep the laws
Made by men who bought and sold themselves
With not a prayer to keep their powers at bay
They want us kinder, gentler, at their feet

They say, "Don't step off the sidewalk and don't cross over the line"
But we'll serve time at night when the light begins to dim
When the smoke seems to clear, you can say what you want
We're all criminals here

How many times will the teeth bite the tongue
Looking for salvage in the damage that's done?
Oh, I searched for you, every place I thought I knew
Still, we're criminals looking for something to do

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