Ture Nerman
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Text / Lyrics / Testo / Paroles / Sanat: Ture Nerman
Musik / Music / Musica / Musique / Sävel:
Den tappre landsoldat (Dengang jeg drog afsted), Peter Faber, 1848.

Ture Nerman (1886-1969)
Ture Nerman (1886-1969)

This is a song written by no occasional author and in no occasional time. It was written in 1918 by the Swedish communist Ture Nerman (1886-1969), who, rather ironically (and diabolically, as Enn Kokk points out in his basic website) set it to the tune of a well known Danish patriotic song of 1848, Den tappre landsoldat (“Fatherland's Bold Soldier”). The “reveille” resounding “from one nation to the others” comes from no occasional nation: it comes from Soviet Russia. Nevertheless, I think this song might be still of actuality. Now guess why. [RV]

The lyrics were published 1925 in a booklet called “Socialistiska kampsanger”, including 15 songs (among them, three are by Joe Hill in Swedish translations). Here you can download the entire booklet. There's also an “ovanlig översättning” (unusual translation) of the Internationale. The version of Ture Nerman's song included in the booklet says “Framåt! Framåt! Framåt!” (Forward! Forward! Forward!) at the end of each verse; I have preferred here the lyrics given in Dagens Visa (“Song of the Day”) to point out derivation from, and identity with, the old Danish patriotic song of 1848. A rather curious, and maybe meaningful, feature of the lyrics given in the booklet, is the word for “rebellion, revolt” (myteri in Swedish) not fully printed: “m----i”. This lets you imagine how dangerous could that word be. So dangerous to cause self-censure! (Self....?)
Det brinner över jord.
Ur söder och ur nord
står skriet högt mot himmelen av fasor och av mord.
Vem vänder väl igen
till barn och hjärtevän
från äng och flod som druckit blod av millioner män?
Men mitt ur våldets hopar
vad höjes där för ljud?
Vem är det väl som ropar
den nya dagens bud?
Kamrater, hörde ni
vår lösen: myteri!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! [1]

Först binder man i band
vår tanke och vår hand
och skickar oss att mörda sen för kung och fosterland,
att offra liv och lem
för kära och för hem ... ?
Åhnej, för guld åt ockrarna och för att göda dem!
För räntor och kuponger
man hetsar oss till mord
och rusar oss med sånger
om hem och fosterjord.
Kamrater, vad ska bli
vårt svar? Jo, myteri!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

Se morgonen är när
för frihetsfrontens här!
Det jäser runt arméerna bland männen med gevär.
Och snabb från stat till stat
går vår revelj: Kamrat,
vänd vapnen opp mot herrarna som sådde död och hat!
Det är ju samma dårar
som tände krigets brand,
det är ju samma tårar
och blod i alla land.
Kamrater, kom, stäm i
runt jorden: Myteri!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

Ja, nu är timman full.
Ur skyttegravens mull
stig opp, soldat från alla land, och slå din herre kull!
Slit borgfredsskammens band
och räck din starka hand
för hemmens skull åt bröderna av Folkens fosterland!
Mot Mammons potentater
framåt i sluten kamp,
ni frihetens soldater
i tusenfotat tramp!
Vi kämpar världen fri
i enat myteri!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
[1] Var. Framåt! Framåt! Framåt!

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2019/5/27 - 11:29

Language: English

English translation / Engelsk översättning / Traduzione inglese / Traduction anglaise / Englanninkielinen käännös:
Riccardo Venturi, 27-05-2019 11:32

The earth is all on fire.
From south to north
A cry of horror and murder is rising in the sky.
Who still cares about
His children, his best friend
From the field and the river that drank the blood of millions?
But from amidst heaps of violence
Which sound can you hear rising?
Who is crying out now
The message of the new day?
Comrades, did you hear
About our redemption: Revolt!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! [1]

First, they tie fast in bands
Our thoughts and our hands,
Then they send us to kill for king and fatherland,
To offer our life and limbs,
Who for...? For the woman we love, for our family?
Well no! For gold, for money to enrich bloodsuckers!
For interests, for dividends
They urge us to kill
And daze us with songs
About family and fatherland.
Comrades, what will
Our answer be? Revolt!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

See, the morning's drawing near
For the liberty front army!
There's agitation in the armies among the men with guns.
And our reveille is resounding
From one nation to the others: Comrade,
Turn your gun onto the masters who sowed hatred and death!
They are just the same fools
Who kindled the flame of war,
And through all countries now
The same tears, the same blood are shed.
Comrades, come on, let's close our ranks
Throughout the world! Revolt!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

That's it. Time has come.
From the mud of your trenches
Rise now, soldiers of all countries, and kill your masters!
Stop with the bourgeois truce and its shameful ties!
Give your strong hand
For your family, to your brothers of peoples' fatherland!
Against Mammon's powers
Forward to the final battle!
Ye, soldiers of liberty
In step with thousands of feet!
Let's fight to free the world
United in revolt!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
[1] Var. Forward! Forward! Forward!

2019/5/27 - 11:33

Language: Italian

Traduzione italiana / Italiensk översättning / Italian translation / Traduction italienne / Italiankielinen käännös:
Riccardo Venturi, 27-05-2019 11:33

Fuoco e fiamme sulla terra.
Dal sud e dal nord
Alto nel cielo si alza il grido di orrore ed assassinio.
A chi mai importa ancora
Del figlio o dell'amico del cuore,
Dal prato e dal fiume che han bevuto il sangue di milioni di uomini?
Ma dal mezzo degli ammassi di violenza
Quale suono là si innalza?
Chi mai è che grida
Il messaggio del nuovo giorno?
Compagni, avete udito
Il nostro riscatto: ribellione!
Urrà! Urrà! Urrà! [1]

Prima ci legano stretti
Il pensiero e la mano
E poi ci mandano a ammazzare per il re e per la patria,
A sacrificare la vita e le membra,
Per la donna amata e per la famiglia...?
Eh no! Per l'oro agli usurai, e per ingrassarli!
Per gli interessi e le cedole
Ci incitano a ammazzare
E ci ubriacano di canzoni
Sulla famiglia e sulla patria.
Compagni, quale sarà
La nostra risposta? Ribellione!
Urrà! Urrà! Urrà!

Vedete, il mattino è vicino
Per l'armata del fronte di libertà!
Il fermento gira tra gli eserciti, tra gli uomini col fucile.
E presto, da uno stato all'altro
Va la nostra diana: Compagno,
Rivolgi il fucile verso i signori che hanno seminato odio e morte!
Sono proprio gli stessi folli
Che hanno acceso l'incendio della guerra,
Sono proprio le stesse lacrime
E lo stesso sangue, in ogni paese.
Compagni, venite, fate quadrato
Per tutta la terra: Ribellione!
Urrà! Urrà! Urrà!

Sì, l'ora è giunta.
Dal fango della trincea
Alzati, soldato di ogni paese, e ammazza il tuo padrone!
Strappa i vergognosi vincoli della tregua borghese
E porgi la tua forte mano
Per la tua famiglia, ai fratelli della patria dei popoli!
Contro i potentati di Mammona
Avanti alla battaglia finale,
Voi, soldati della libertà
Con passo di migliaia di piedi!
Combiattiamo per liberare il mondo
Uniti nella ribellione!
Urrà! Urrà! Urrà!
[1] Var. Avanti! Avanti! Avanti!

2019/5/27 - 11:34

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