Guantanamo Bay

Slon in Sadež
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Da/From: "Slon in sadez"

Slon in Sadež
They captured me in the mountains
the mountains of Tora-bora
even all mighty Allah,
couldn't help me anymooora.

And we then took a trip
in an american shiiip

at Guantanamo bay
captured by CIA
In Guantanamo bay
they locked us away

I am sitting in prison
but with a happy emotion
yes i am charged for a treason
but i have the view of the ocean

While i am eating a whinnies
i am looking at girls in bikinis

A big guys from the army
they beat me severely
they asked where is osama
but i don't know even nearly
between Bush and the Fidel
I am stuck in the middle

We are not prisoners of war,
because then they couldn't beat us anymore
i'd gladly stay here until my pension
if they respected the Geneva convention.

Contributed by daniela -k.d.- - 2007/4/30 - 10:59

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