So Bad

Nina Hagen
Language: English

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בײַ מיר ביסטו שיין
(Shloyme Sekunda [Sholom Secunda] / שלום סעקונדאַ)

Album: Revolution Ballroom
Di Nina Hagen, Olle Romö e Dave Stewart

Revolution Ballroom

So Bad!!

Impareggiabile pezzo post-punk di Nina Hagen. Era il 1993 e il mondo andava così male. Non che le cose siano migliorate, ma continuiamo a ballare la danza di Shiva!
I can be so strong
Like a lion on a mission
I can do no wrong
I can fight day and night
That's my decision

Because the world is:
So bad
Like diet soda
So bad
I'm counting 37 wars
So bad
User friendly
So bad
We lost the singer of the Doors
So bad
Genetic obsession
So bad
Misused atomic energy
So bad
Surprise, surprise, the culture industry
So bad
Helmut Kohl

(Bundeskanzler Kohl befürwortet diese Mission)

You can do no wrong
If you fight on my side
If you make that decision

Because the world is
So bad, so bad, so bad, so bad

So bad
I.R.A. & R.A.F.
So bad
Are we really blind and deaf
So bad
The yugoslavian rape
So bad
And no-one can escape
So bad
The Nazi Lunacy
So bad
Artificial Extasy
So bad
I hate my T.V.
So bad

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