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A note from Barbra :

This collection of songs reflects what’s been on my mind lately.

These are troubling times, and I felt compelled to add my voice to the dialogue some of us have been having. Many of the fundamental principles of democracy and freedom we’ve always taken for granted – freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of expression – are eroding at an alarming rate. Even basic human decency appears to be melting away faster than the polar ice caps. I wanted to write and sing about some of these things… not only to convey my concerns, but also to state my belief that, if we remain vigilant to the truth, things can eventually turn around.

In the past year we’ve seen the very worst of humanity… and the very best. In the face of unimaginable natural disasters and unspeakable human cruelty, there have been many acts of kindness and courage to remind us of who we have the potential to be when we listen to the better angels of our nature.

I’ve been especially moved by the millions of young people in the United States and around the world who have found their collective voice and are demanding to be heard. They are more interested in building bridges than walls. They are the very definition of hope. They’re on my mind… and I dedicate this album to them.

With love and light
Dal sito ufficiale
Walls, high and low
Thick and thin
They keep you out, they keep you in
Walls narrow and wide
Round the square with warning signs "Watch out", "Beware"

Brick by brick they built them but it seems to me
Brick by brick they built them where they shouldn't be
We should be building bridges to a better day
Where no walls would stand in the way

Walls here and there, everywhere
In every city, every town we would have that better day
If all the walls came tumbling down

Brick by brick at times they're of a different kind
Brick by brick they built around the heart and mind
Sometimes lasting longer than the walls that are made of stone
Keeping us apart and alone

These are walls that we don't see
But we built between the you and me
Made of broken dreams and wounded feelings that go on
Like walls we wish to go away
Could we have ourselves that better day
If we took the chance to simply say that we forgive
And then we forget they'd be gone

Oh walls here and there, everywhere
In every city, every town we would have that better day
If all the walls came tumbling down

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