Boikott Israel

Don Martin

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Album: Mann for min hatt (2014)
Mann for min hatt

Featuring Immortal Technique, El Tipo Este, Stogie T & Tonto Noizan

Norwegian rap group Gatas Parlament are encouraging the boycott of Israel- which they hope would lead either to a decrease in Israel’s power or a recognition that it must better it’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

The sample at the end is from author Arundhati Roy’s famed “Come September” speech, delivered in September 2002.
Alle mann her vi er antirasister
ikke anklag oss for å være antisemitter

El tipo este
Tonto Noiza
Gatas Parlament

Hay que hacer no solamente hablar, boicot Israel

[Verse 1: Immortal Technique]
Bambaataa told us knowledge was the fifth element
Truth behind the lies is what the music represents
So how the fuck you gonna have a peace settlement? (How?)
When people want a piece of your land to build settlements
There’s all different kinda terrorism you can perpetrate
Every dead body causes karma to circulate
There’s suicide bombin' buildings full of civilians
Or cutting off water to cities full of children
You can’t try to justify collective punishment, (Why?)
Our country never finds peace with bodies buried under it
I guess some Americans just don’t remember
There’s a slave graveyard under the World Trade Center
Stop the criticism of Iranian nuclear fission
Until mutual nuclear disarmaments’ the mission
This ain’t about religion, Muslim, Jew or Christian
It’s about people making money off of that division

[Verse 2: El Tipo Este]
Sin que medien armamentos
Digo siempre es buen momento
Pa iniciar entendimiento
Es demasiado el desencuentro, siento
Que el respeto debe ser boleto al parlamento
Es el respeto el primer paso
Sino lo que sigue es cuene
Es un complejo asunto cuando tiempo son cientos de años
El premio al mayor daño para los de menor tamaño
Me empeño a no estar de acuerdo con ninguna posición que implique
A lo mas tu aversión de discriminación, brother
Violencia intolerancia en cualquier forma de expresión
Mas allá de cualquier religión, visión de obsesión
Boicot, boycott, boikott
Hay que hacer no solamente hablar, boicot Israel

[Verse 3: Tumi]
I am recognizing that the voices in my head
Are urging me to be myself and never follow when I’m lead
So with that said, it’s as urgent, see as we come from some things
I am anti Zionist and many fundamentalist
The devil’s in the specifics, mix him with your favorite dish
You can beef with Israel and not be anti Semitic
Don’t buy beef from Israel, ‘cause you paying to kill them kids
So if you rockin’ this shit, go ‘head do the Gaza Strip
My heart race when I hear a politic from off their lips
We have lifted, missed Olympics, seen “Free Mandela” pickets
And this image has been repeated, a little street for village children
Even feeds from pissin' ‘cause of global criticism
Of this horrible system boycotted by the citizens

Hay que hacer no solamente hablar, boicot Israel

[Verse 4: Tonto Noiza]
Il n'y a qu'un pas d'hypocrisie à la diplomatie
Rester là assis devant la situation assis
C'est pas l'image que j'ai d'un homme droit
Car l’immunité qu'Israël s'octroie me choque moi
Regarde la pauvreté d'un peuple
Comment relativiser
C'est le pouvoir qu'il faut briser
J'viens viser sans stigmatiser
J'suis pas venu pour stigmatiser
Comme l'ONU, ni attiser la haine
Mais l'inégalité qu'la mauvaise fois entraîne a décuplé ma peine
C'est aux instances dirigeantes que je m'adresse car on agresse
Aux prix d'erreurs passées c'est tout un peuple que l'on oppresse
à tous les opposants de tous les camps que cette lutte emporte
L'addition est plus salée que la Mer Morte faut qu'on l'emporte

[Verse 5: Don Martin]
Granater regner over Gazas tak
Treffer sykehus, treffer barnehagebarn, treffer sovesal
Det er klart det er snakk om en Apartheid-stat
De bygger opp en mur mellom seg og de som ikke skal ha borgerskap
For hvis du kaller noe pro-palestinsk
Så plutselig gjelder ikke regler du kan tro at det gir
En helt makaber annen klang til ordet "Blodappelsin"
Om den er dyrket I stjålet jord og gror fra et lik
Ikke I mitt navn, ikke for mine penger
Det holder slettes ikke å sitte rundt og grine lenger
Så vi må ramme fundamentet, vise Israel
For de driter helt I resolusjoner likavel
Bare en liten del av et mye større bilde
Som når vi boikotta Shell da jeg var mye mindre
Ansvaret ligger hoes oss alle, så vi vil ha med
Alle med samvittighet, boikott Israel

[Arundhati Roy]
Palestine still remains illegally occupied. Its people live in inhuman conditions, in virtual Bantustans, where they are subjected to collective punishments, 24-hour curfews, where they are humiliated and brutalised on a daily basis. They never know when their homes will be demolished, when their children will be shot, when their precious trees will be cut, when their roads will be closed, when they will be allowed to walk down to the market to buy food and medicine. And when they will not. They live with no semblance of dignity. With not much hope in sight. They have no control over their lands, their security, their movement, their communication, their water supply.

2018/8/11 - 11:42

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