Bob Cooney’s Miracle

The Young 'uns
Language: English

Well you’ve all heard how ten thousand blokes
Were fed by Christ with the fish and loaves
Well, on the banks of the Ebro in ‘38
A miracle happened on my plate!

We’d damn no scram for two whole days
57 lads, all hot and hazed
When come the commissar with the grub, what grief!
A loaf of bread and a tin of beef

Well all us lads were filled with strife
‘Till up comes Cooney with his tiny knife
And before the lamb could wolf the sun
Every man had a corned-beef bun!

Now, Jesus may have got more done
But He had five loaves, not just one
And Jesus’ men weren’t clemmed like we;
They’d not fought fascists in a hot country

So we break and share with all us men
We can share the earth and start again
Sharpen your knives, Bob Cooney said
Bring out your beef and bring out your bread

We can share the earth!
We can start again!
Amen, amen, amen, amen

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