Terrorism! (The ISIS Crisis)

L.A. Salami
Language: English


The song also comes with an animated video that underlines the themes of the song which tackles a topic that which is rarely not from the news in 2017. “I think the video and song are pretty self explanatory,” says Salami. “If it’s not, well, key words to consider would be ‘irony’ , ‘hysteria’ and ‘consequence’.”
I scrolled down and hit a link
That Westminster had been closed
Five people dead, a madman’s head
Lay there leaking on the road
He’d used a car to plow a crowd
Stabbed a cop when he imposed
All sense was out the picture
So Isis struck a pose

The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis

I heard that an ancient book
Inspired him to die
The Jihad source decoded wrong
Enforces that old line
But when words contort in certain tones
Is it the preacher, scribe or
One guy that does the crime

The news lost focus of the man
And took the Isis bait
Ain’t the definition of terrorism
To gain aims through fear and hate
But fearless people are hard to buy
If what you sell’s to keep them safe
And “I’ll kick out all the terrorists” sounds great
In a political debate

The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis

Logic states
That if you bomb my home
I might not be alone
When I remember
And I might need Jihad
To fill the hole

I heard that the Middle East
Is where the terrorists are bread
But that’s where most the oil is
We need to make our bread
And if you need to convince a Middle Eastern
Dictator to leave his home
You can hire Isis to do some terror you condone

The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis

Dictators fall when they cease to exchange
Money in our name
And bombs are just a symptom of
The way we play the game
A group of brain washed holy men
Fill only a fraction of the frame
Vivid street level expendables
Pawns born off this play

And any day now
We might just find a way
A way
To turn it off
To turn off….

The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis
The Isis crisis

2018/1/26 - 22:49

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