The Politician

Lou Rawls
Language: English

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Scritta da Mac Davis, songwriter texano, bianco, autore di grandi successi come In The Ghetto per Elvis Presley
Singolo dall'album di Lou Rawls (1933-2006), grandissima voce afroamericana, intitolato “A Man of Value”
Il testo l'ho trovato un po' su Genius e un po' su RateYourMusic, poi ho provato a sistemarlo all'ascolto ma mi sono rimasti due o tre dubbi, che ho indicati col punto interrogativo... Se qualcuno volesse dire la sua, si faccia avanti.

 A Man of Value

Peccato che solo qualche anno dopo Lou Rawls si facesse ritrarre in una serie di fotografie tutto pappa & ciccia con Ronald Reagan...

See the politician
See him kiss the baby
See him help the little old lady cross the street...

See the politician
See him make the speeches
Tell them everything gonna be sweet...

See the politician
He says he can save the nation
Evil in between salvation and defeat...

See the politician
All look at him kiss the baby
See him help the little old lady cross the street...

Does the baby know her daddy is dying
Somewhere in the jungle far away?
Does the little old lady know his grandson's crying
Cause his best friend died today?
Does the politician know, I don't believe him,
When he tells me the peace is near?
Oh, the politician's lips are moving
But the mother's prayer is all I hear

See the politician
See him push the button
Hear the children screaming as the bomb explodes...

See the politician
See him kiss the baby...
Evil sweet.

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