Make Sex Not War

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Album: Funeral Serenade (1992)
Funeral Serenade

Come musica la trovo abbastanza inascoltabile, ma condivido il messaggio!
Stupid governments of the world
Just think to do wars

To fill their asses of money
While their women satisfy themselves with others

Petty politicians and death
Suborn and corruption
Friendship words by front side
Dirty acts on the back

Cause of wars
Sons of bitch
Feelin' pleasure
With discord
We're different
In our society
First sex
Carnal pleasure
We make sex, not war!

Illusions and lies
Weapons of governments
Personal wars
Killing innocents

Fuck you, mother fuckers!

Just think
About their own pride

It's time
To our society
Pleasure Society
To rule

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