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Written by Ray Davies
Scritta da Ray Davies
Album: Arthur (Or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire)


"This song is about how Great Britain struggled after World War II. The first verse is Winston Churchill (who was Britain's Prime Minister during the war) telling the people what will happen, and the second verse is England collapsing. The lyrics contain quotes from Churchill, such as: "Never was so much owed by so many to so few," "We shall fight on the beaches" and "This was their finest hour."
The album is about Ray Davies' brother-in-law named Arthur, and his plans to move to Australia with his family and wife. Critics loved the album, but it only gained moderate commercial success.
This song uses a vintage Air Raid Siren."
(from Songfacts)
Well mr. Churchill says, mr. Churchill says
We gotta fight the bloody battle to the very end
Mr. Beaverbrook says we gotta save our tin
And all the garden gates
And empty cans are gonna make us win

We shall defend our island
On the land and on the sea
We shall fight them on the beaches
On the hills and in the fields
We shall fight them in the streets
Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so few
'cos they have made our British Empire
A better place for me and you
And this was their finest hour

Well mr. Montgomery says
And mr. Mountbatten says
We gotta fight the bloody battle to the very end
As Vera Lynn would say
We'll meet again someday
But all the sacrifices we must make before the end

Did you hear that plane flying overhead
There's a house an fire and there's someone lying dead
We gotta clean up the streets
And get me back on my feet
Because we wanna be free
Do your worst and we'll do our best

We're gonna win the way that mr. Churchill says
Oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! well mr. Churchill says
We gotta hold up our chins
We gotta show some courage and some discipline
We gotta black up the windows and nail up the doors
And keep right on till the end of the war.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/18 - 11:37

Language: French

Traduzione francese da l'histgeobox

Hé M. Churchill dit, M. Churchill dit,
Il faut que l’on mène cette fichue bataille jusqu’à sa toute fin
M. Beaverbrook dit, nous devons économiser notre acier
Et toutes les portes de jardin
Et les canettes vides nous feront gagner

Nous défendrons notre île Sur terre et mer
Nous les combattrons sur les plages
Les collines et les champs
Nous les combattrons dans les rues
Jamais dans l'histoire des conflits, tant de gens n'ont dû autant à si peu.

Car ils ont fait de notre empire Britannique
Un meilleur endroit pour vous et moi
Et ça a été leur plus belle heure
Hé M. Montgomery dit
Et M. Mountbatten dit
Il faut que l’on mène cette fichue bataille jusqu’à sa toute fin
Comme dirait Vera Lynn
On se reverra un jour
Mais nous devons faire tous ces sacrifices jusqu'au bout

As tu entendu cet avion planant au-dessus de nos têtes?
Il y a une maison et quelqu’un est étendu mort
Il faut que nous nettoyons les rues
Et que l’on me remette sur pied
Parce que nous voulons être libres
Faites de votre pire et on fera de notre mieux
Nous voulons gagner comme le dit M. Churchill
Oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! M. Churchill dit
Qu’il faut que nous levions le menton
Que nous montrions un peu de courage et un peu de discipline
Que nous teignions les fenêtres en noir et condamnions les portes
Et que nous tenions bon jusqu’à la fin de la guerre.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/12/2 - 22:30

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