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My Loved One
(Edith Segal)
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Field Of Poppies
(Dave Gwyther)

Camera camera
I have her letters
Perfume lingers on every page
Tied with ribbons
Kept with lavender and her lace

The letters are faded
Kept by her side for all her days
And the ribbons
Once held her hair on a younger day

He wrote of the warm spring days
And how tall the grass grew
He wrote of the poppy fields
He said, "tell the children
I love them--remember"

There was a poppy
Kept in a frame
By his photograph
The years were so long
They were strong and we must be too

He wrote of the open air
And how brave his friends were
He wrote of the poppy fields
He said, "tell the children of Flanders--remember"

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