War Politics Of The Madhouse

Gordon Douglas
Language: English

When talking ends it seems surreal
Wars the legal way to steal
We've learned nothing of the past
It's not the first war, not the last

14-18 they called 'Great'?
War in the Falklands and Kuwait
Soldiers shadow death does stalk
Thought by now we'd learned to talk

We war for what we just can't take
That's the last not first mistake
From old Kabul to the Whitehouse
War politics of the madhouse

Our leaders they should fight alone
Using scissors, paper, stone
From old Kabul to the Whitehosue
War politics of the madhouse

Innocents they can't escape
Wars they butcher and they rape
Freedom comes at such a cost
Freedom's stolen, freedom's lost


War's a twisted state of mind
Said it's cruel to be kind
Tell that to the children who
Are the orphans of the few


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