Simone Sahyouni
Language: English

A thousand miles away, a nation starts to mourn
Survivors of this day, bury young and newly born
A mother's heart is torn...torn!

No one to soothe their pain, no hope to save their land
Their cries ring out in vain, I cannot understand, cannot understand

Let's end this misery, take a stand for all to see
No more apathy the change begins with you and me
Defend humanity, restore our faith in human decency..can't you see
It's down to you an me

Leaders all unite to carry on the fight, smiling through their lies
As if it's all alright, as if it's all alright
How can you sleep at night!


All we want is peace, a land to call our home
This madness has to cease , before we turn to stone
Before our hearts have turned to stone!

Requiem Aeternam...

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