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I wanted the album to end with a plea. Oiseau, written the day after the 2015 Paris attacks while I was on tour in Tunisia, describes a sleeping man caught in a nightmare of terrorist violence . In it, he hears the hollow thud of bullets, of bombs exploding, of bodies falling. From the darkness of his dream, he calls to a songbird outside his window to wake him from the nightmare. He begs the bird to sing to him, to bring him back to the light, to wake him with song. Music is his only hope.
Oiseau ta mélodie est mon réveil
La nuit est de bitume et de terreur
Délivre-moi de ma douleur

Oiseau que ta musique devienne lumière
Eclaire la pénombre je rêve encore
Et promet-moi que tu m'attendras

Oiseau ton chant est pour le coeur miséricorde
Du noir des ténèbres soulève-moi
Tu es mon seul espoir délivre-moi
Tu es mon seul espoir délivre-moi

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