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Testo ripreso dal sito ufficiale dell'autore
By the Euphrates River
There’s blood upon the road
Glass shatters in the distance as
Another bomb explodes
The asphalt has turned
From grey to red
Another Humvee is in pieces
And a soldier’s lying dead
Along with the children of Haditha
There are prisoners in the dungeons
With a thousand-mile gaze
Tanks beside the checkpoints
Death squads on the highways
The troops are going house to house
Killing everyone inside
Any fleeting dreams of freedom
Have been shot until they died
Just like the children of Haditha
There are cities full of people
With fear upon their faces
There’s terror in the air
The planes have left their bases
Five hundred pounds of burning metal
To try to bury all their crimes
The babies who’ll never know
Any better times
The executed children of Haditha
The malls are full in Houston
And the men in suits and ties
Will never hear the screaming
Of Aisha as she dies
Or the last plea of her sister
Before she took her final breath
He’ll never see her grandfather
Or smell the stench of death
Of the children of Haditha
He’ll never know the horror
Of these madmen coming near
Never know a country
Ruled by bullets and by fear
He’ll never know the feeling
Of his baby being killed
Like the murdered children of Haditha
But his oil wells are burning
And his tankers are on fire
The streets are blowing up
Like an awful pyre
Can you look into the face
Of a little girl or boy
Can you tell them why
Their homes have been destroyed
Just like the children of Haditha

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